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If you’re a member of the armed forces then you’ll know the importance of having equipment that you can rely upon in any situation. A waterproof notebook meets this standard. Durable, water-resistant and functional in the harshest of conditions, a waterproof notebook is perfectly suited for military use. These are just a few of the reasons why.

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You can probably hazard a guess at some of the many benefits of waterproof paper. Giving you the ability to quite literally “write in the rain” (or underwater!), waterproof paper is a durable and reliable option for any activity where there might be rain, mud or water involved. We’ve talked about the many practical benefits of carrying a waterproof notebook in our previous blogs. What we haven’t mentioned all that much, and, what you may be less aware of, is the cost-effectiveness of using waterproof paper over regular paper. With this in mind, let’s have a look at why waterproof paper is so economical.

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Imagine if you could write notes in any location during any weather or even under the water? Well, there’s no need to imagine because with a waterproof pen you can do just that. If you’ve never heard of a pen that’s waterproof before, you might be wondering how on earth it actually works. Allow us to explain.

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If you’re wondering what a field notebook is exactly, please allow us to explain. As the name suggests, a field notebook allows you to record notes, research and observations accurately when out in the field. Designed for outdoor use, field notebooks are relied upon by a whole range of professionals who work outside. This may include the military, agriculturalists, geologists and many more. Of course, they can also be used for outdoor leisure purposes such as bird watching and orienteering. 

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A job which requires us to be outside all day can certainly have its benefits. However, one factor which can complicate outdoor working is poor weather and wet conditions. Rain, mud, wind and water can hinder job performance if we don’t have the correct equipment.

This is why waterproof paper can be an essential tool for outdoor or water-based jobs. 100% waterproof, Rite in the Rain paper can be written on when wet or submerged underwater. With these unique qualities, there are numerous jobs which can benefit from a waterproof notebook but for now, we’ve created a list of our top 6 jobs that are made easier with a Rite in the Rain Notebook.

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The weather cannot be relied upon when planning outdoor activities, yet so many of our favourite outdoor adventures rely upon the use of paper and pen. 

Traditionally, rain and paper = an impractical, soggy mess. Engineering a way around this problem, our waterproof notebooks withstand rain and other messes without tearing or disintegrating. This means you can enjoy being out in the elements without worrying about the state of your notes and documents. 

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