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Complete your stationery collection with Any Weather Paper. From ring binders to notebook covers, we’ve got a range of practical stationery accessories to suit any outdoor activity. The best part? All our stationery accessories are fully waterproof and durable against the likes of dirt and grime, making them functional in the harshest of outdoor environments. So, whether you’re looking for stationery for military training or for outdoor leisure activities, take a look at the following stationery accessories to ensure you have everything that you need.

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If you’re looking to improve your angling skills then keeping a fishing journal is a great way to do it. Writing notes on your fishing trips allows you to take note of the conditions and techniques that were successful, or the factors that made the trip unsuccessful. This allows you to build on your skills and ultimately become a better angler. Start progressing your fishing skills today with our top tips on how to keep a fishing journal. 

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Do you have a job that requires you to do research in the great outdoors? Maybe you’re a geologist, student, ornithologist or environmentalist (you name it!). Whatever role you have, make sure you are prepared for a successful research trip, with our top essentials for outdoor research. These are just a few of the main essentials that you don’t want to forget when you’re packing up your bag:


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Waterproof notebooks are known for their ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements, including rain, mud and general messes, such as oil. You can even take them underwater with you. Whilst the exceptional durability of waterproof notebooks makes them perfectly suited to outdoor jobs and expeditions, their practical indoor uses should not be overlooked. Using a waterproof notebook, as opposed to a regular notebook, can be beneficial to a range of indoor jobs and activities. These include: 

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Practical, durable and versatile, waterproof printer paper is a lot tougher, and a whole lot more useful than your average A4. Not only is it water-resistant, waterproof printer paper can also withstand the likes of mud and other messes. With these qualities in mind, you can see how waterproof printer paper is practical for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. These are just a few of its main benefits:

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If you’re a member of the armed forces then you’ll know the importance of having equipment that you can rely upon in any situation. A waterproof notebook meets this standard. Durable, water-resistant and functional in the harshest of conditions, a waterproof notebook is perfectly suited for military use. These are just a few of the reasons why.

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