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Waterproof paper is produced with compact fibres that are so close-knit they resist the permeation of water ultimately making waterproof paper: tear-resistant, impervious to grease and able to withstand certain chemicals. With all of these factors Waterproof notebooks can simply make water sports better just by their existence, here are a few...

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Rite In The Rain waterproof notebooks are the scientific solution to an everyday problem; namely how to keep your notes clear and legible in adverse wet conditions. Whether you find yourself in a sudden downpour, caught in the mud, or even take a dip in a river or lake you can rest assured that with a Rite In The Rain notebook, your notes will stay in peak condition.

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From seasoned adventurers to novice travellers, one thing is certain; your maps and nautical charts are one of your most valued possessions. GPS devices are not always reliable and may not be available in some instances, so knowing how to properly navigate using a map or nautical chart is an important skill to have. Even in places where your handy mobile device with its navigation app can lend some help, some travellers prefer to wander the globe the old fashioned way, with a paper map in hand. But what happens when severe weather or storms hit?

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Rite In The Rain was established in 1916 after the founder, Jerry Darling, discovered a need for durable writing materials that could survive even the harshest conditions. From simple beginnings of hand-dipping paper at home, the company has now flourished into a patented coating process that now includes a wide range of products for those who battle the elements.

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Hardwearing and robust, waterproof notebooks have been specifically designed for jobs and hobbies that take place outdoors. The wide range of all-weather notebooks you’ll find on Any Weather Paper made by Rite in the Rain and manufactured using recyclable waterproof paper that offers protection from rain, mud, grease and more. If you’re someone who spends any amount of their leisure time or working life out in the elements, here are five great reasons why you should always carry a Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook.

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If you’re planning on taking a camping trip in cold weather you need to ensure you’re properly prepared, lest you find yourself craving to be home by nightfall. Fortunately, many solutions have been invented for all the problems that cold weather can present. Don’t get caught out in the cold without these essentials.

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