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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Waterproof Paper

Find out more about waterproof paper & its uses as we answer some of our most popular FAQs in this simple but informative guide.

As you can imagine, most of the questions the team here at Any Weather Paper are asked relate to waterproof paper and its many uses. Some of these questions are pertinent while others can only be politely described as being less so. Either way, Waterproof Paper is our business and we always answer each and every single question to the best of our ability. We get asked quite a few questions so we thought why not address some of the more common queries and post the answers publicly for the world to stumble across while searching on Google.

What Makes Waterproof Paper Waterproof?

There are several different methods of creating waterproof paper, including coating paper with an acrylic, wax or lacquer veneer. The issue with these methods is that they make it difficult if not impossible to recycle the paper once it has been used, which is why at Any Weather Paper we prefer to use eco-friendly brands like Rite In The Rain. RITR waterproof paper uses a water-based coating that not only allows it to be recycled as easily as any other paper but is also environmentally-friendly to produce in the first place.

If you’d like to learn more of about eco-friendly features and considerations of Rite In The Rain products, you’ll find more information on the Any Weather Paper blog. 

Can Waterproof Paper Be Used To Make Waterproof Books?

Waterproof Paper can be found bound in several ways to create notepads, notebooks, and journals, so the answer is: yes. Waterproof Paper can be used to create waterproof books. The reason they are not is that many people don’t read while standing in the rain or sitting underwater. Certainly nowhere near enough to justify the additional costs that printing entire novels on waterproof paper would entail.

The reason that waterproof notebooks and the like exist, on the other hand, is that a number of occupations and hobbies require people to take notes or jot things down while outdoors. If it happens to be raining when the need to write or reference something that has been written arises, it helps to have waterproof paper handy as it will not be affected by the rain. In fact, this is the exact reason why Jerry Darling, founder of Rite In The Rain, created his all-weather paper to begin with.

Are All Waterproof Notebooks & Notepads On Any Weather Paper Recyclable?

As previously stated, the paper used to create Rite In The Rain notebooks are as easy to recycle as any other sheet of paper. The three different types of covers found on Rite In The Rain products - Polydura, Field-Flex, and Fabrikoid - are all recyclable too, so the only effort you’ll ever have to make is removing the wire from notebooks and notepads held together by Spiral Wire-O binding. This binding can still be recycled, it just cannot be recycled along with the rest of the material.

For more information on the different covers that are available, check out our Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebook cover comparison.

How Easy Is It To Write In Waterproof Notebooks?

Like all innovations, waterproof paper is designed to make life easier so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be more difficult to write on than any standard paper. Having said that, while the paper itself can be written on in the rain, some inks will still run if they get wet. This is why we always encourage our customers to use either pencils or waterproof pens when writing in their notebooks, as this ensures the best possible results.

Who are Waterproof Notebooks Designed For & Who Should Use Them?

One of the most interesting frequently asked questions we get is “Can I use A Waterproof Notebook”. Firstly, why would we say no? Secondly, why wouldn’t you be able to? Waterproof notebooks are for everyone and can be used by anyone. We have seen them used by civil engineers, military personnel, football team managers, hikers, students, mathematicians, musicians, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers - in short, anyone who has ever written on a piece of paper could have written on a piece of waterproof paper just as readily.

Can I Print On Waterproof Paper?

Waterproof paper is ideal for printing on using a laser printer, especially if it’s going to be used outdoors. Commonly used for printing posters, order forms, OS maps, and sea charts, waterproof printing paper is incredibly durable, easy-to-clean if it gets dirty, and very difficult to tear. These sheets can also be effectively photocopied onto a laser printer and, like the All-Weather notebooks, are completely recyclable.