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6 Jobs That Are Easier With a Rite In The Rain Notebook

Increase efficiency at work with a waterproof notebook. Durable and reliable, waterproof paper makes life easier for when your office is the great outdoors.

A job which requires us to be outside all day can certainly have its benefits. However, one factor which can complicate outdoor working is poor weather and wet conditions. Rain, mud, wind and water can hinder job performance if we don’t have the correct equipment.

This is why waterproof paper can be an essential tool for outdoor or water-based jobs. 100% waterproof, Rite in the Rain paper can be written on when wet or submerged underwater. With these unique qualities, there are numerous jobs which can benefit from a waterproof notebook but for now, we’ve created a list of our top 6 jobs that are made easier with a Rite in the Rain Notebook.


Watersports Instructor 

For those who love being out on the water, it can be a dream to teach watersports every day for a living. It’s a job which allows watersports enthusiasts to share their passion with others whilst of course, maximising their own time out on the water. Surfing, Kayaking, windsurfing and so on all require techniques which rely on good teaching. With waterproof paper, instructors can print out their teaching notes to bring with them to the water. This means there’s no risk of missing out on important details. Instructors can also make drawings to support their explanations and produce handouts and certificates which are safe from damage next to the water and amongst wet kit. 

Activity Camp Leader

As an activity camp worker, you’re bound to be constantly on the go with a million different activities to organise. Whilst it’s great to be outdoors all the time, bad weather can put additional stress on the working day. With a Rite in the Rain notebook, rain doesn’t have to impact upon your job. Recording your notes in a waterproof notebook means you can carry them around camp without risk of them becoming illegible when the rain sets in. The Rite in the Rain Annual Spiral Calendar is perfect for scheduling activities, allowing you to stay organised whatever the weather. Our Ring Field Binders are also great for storing schedules and other important documents in one watertight space which you can take from activity to activity. 

Agricultural Worker

If you work on farmland every day, there’s no chance of escaping the elements. Come rain or shine, agricultural workers are out in the open all year round. The nature of the work requires equipment which can withstand adverse weather, and this shouldn’t stop at the stationery being used. Protected from water and other farmyard messes like mud and oil, Rite in the Rain paper is perfectly suited for making essential agricultural notes. Waterproof notebooks such as the All-Weather Universal 371FX Notebook can be relied upon for recording accurate information about crops and livestock without being ruined by weather or spillages. 


Fieldwork is an essential part of every geologists’ work.  Whether it’s collecting data or surveying sites, a geologist will work in a range of natural environments, and with that, varying weather conditions. The Rite in the Rain Geological Bound Book has been designed with this in mind. Made using waterproof pages, this waterproof notebook does not tear or fall apart when exposed to water and is resistant to other natural spoils like mud. Intended for practical, on-site use, the geological book contains reference pages which include information on soil classification, measurement conversions and other essential geological details. All pages are numbered and patterned allowing you to remain organised whatever conditions you’re working in. 

Tree Surgeon 

Tree surgeons work with hazardous machinery at great heights making it a high-risk profession. Although tree surgeons spend a large amount of time doing physical work, a crucial part of tree surgery is technical groundwork.  A tree surgeon is responsible for assessing trees, advising the work that needs to be done and planning how it should be done safely. When making initial assessments it is incredibly useful to have the ability to make notes and sketch out plans. As a tree surgeon will be working in any weather conditions, a waterproof notebook allows notes to be taken easily without being ruined by the rain. With a waterproof notebook and weatherproof pen, a tree surgeon can make their essential safety plans without being hindered by bad weather. 

Armed Forces Personnel  

If you’re a member of the armed forces, you’ll know the importance of having equipment you can always rely upon. Working in the harshest conditions, you need kit that is durable and weather-resistant. Designed for use in adverse weather, Rite in the Rain paper is ideally suited for military use.  The Tactical Memo Book is perfect for recording vital information such as coordinating instructions, timings, ammunition states etc., and fits easily into a smock pocket. Maps can be printed onto waterproof paper to prevent them tearing or smudging on tactical missions, and all essential documents can be carried in one place with a Waterproof Nirex Multicam Cover. Finished in Multicam, the Nirex cover, like other Rite in the Rain stationery is designed with military needs in mind. 

As much as our waterproof notebooks can ease working life, we know the importance of downtime. For those much loved days off, get inspired by our list of outdoor activities made better by Rite in the Rain