RITR yellow notebooks with field flex cover label on a white background

Comparing Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebook Covers

Rite In The Rain uses a number of different covers to protect their all-weather writing paper while also providing users with a number of additional benefits. 

Established over 100 years ago, Rite In The Rain are specialist manufacturers of waterproof notebooks, paper and writing tools. Capable of being written on in any weather and even underwater, the sheets that make up Rite In the Rain books and pads are naturally durable and hard-wearing, as they are designed to withstand just about everything nature could throw at them. In spite of its inherent resilience, however, Rite In The Rain paper is not indestructible and can still become creased like any other piece of paper.

As a result, Rite In The Rain uses a number of different covers to protect their all-weather writing paper while also providing users with a number of additional benefits. Each type of cover has its own unique properties and brings a special something to the book as a whole; whether it be increased flexibility, enhanced strength, or an interesting aesthetic quality. No cover is better than another, although each one certainly excels in specific situations.

Knowing the properties of each cover is essential if you want to make an informed decision regarding which Rite In The Rain notebook or memo pad best suits your needs. Put simply, hard notebooks have Fabrikoid covers and soft notebooks have either Field-Flex covers or Polydura covers. This may be all that matters to some, however, there is more to Rite In The Rain covers than just these features.

Fabrikoid Covers

Developed by material science specialists, DuPont, in the early 20th century, Fabrikoid is a type of faux-leather made primarily from cotton. Durable, hard wearing and fully recyclable, Rite In The Rain notebooks with Fabrikoid covers are perfect for use in offices and educational environments thanks to the professional way they look. Made by wrapping a layer of the imitation leather material around a firm board, the all-weather paper used in Fabrikoid notebooks are glued to a cover sheet inside of the cover in such a way that when the book is open, it remains both flat and flexible.

The material used as a substrate to the Fabrikoid cover is not only tough but also lightweight and waterproof itself. The adhesive used to bind the pages is also totally waterproof, effectively ensuring there is no weak area of the book that can be damaged by water, be it in the form of rain or a river. While firm, Fabrikoid covers are not rigid and will flex slightly when placed under pressure. Moreover, sharp forces will leave their mark on Fabrikoid covers, though piercing them entirely is a different matter.

PolyDura Covers

Made from dense polyurethane plastic, PolyDura is a thin, lightweight material with a smooth texture and a surprising resistance to damage. Flexible to the point that covers can be folded back on themselves, PolyDura notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes when space is limited and are popular amongst military and emergency services personnel who never know what situations they’re going to find themselves in.

Rite In The Rain notebooks with Polydura covers come in two thicknesses, 19-gauge and 55-gauge, with the thicker of the two generally reserved for larger books with a greater number of pages. Both thicknesses provide their books with ample support and give users holding the book a hard surface that they can comfortably write against. Like Fabrikoid covers, and Field-Flex covers for that matter, Rite In The Rain PolyDura covers are fully recyclable and will not absorb water. What’s more, they are capable of protecting pages from abrasions and forceful impacts, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Field-Flex Covers

The Field-Flex cover is similar to the PolyDura cover in terms of properties but is made using a method closer that to Fabrikoid covers. With a leather-like feel and aesthetic, Field-Flex covers are extremely versatile and can be used to create perfect bound or stapled books. In both cases, the cover not only protects the book’s waterproof pages from abrasions and impacts, it also allows them to remain flexible enough to be folded up and carried in pockets of trousers or bags.

With a thickness of just 1.473mm (0.058”), Field-Flex covers are the thinnest of all Rite In The Rain covers. Despite this, they are remarkably resilient and extremely difficult to tear or pierce, making them ideal for use in extreme weather or precarious situations. Lastly, Field-Flex covers are designed to fit perfectly against the waterproof pages of Rite In the Rain notebooks, eliminating the possibility of overhanging corners or edges getting caught on clothes or accidentally cutting skin.

All three Rite In The Rain Covers are available on Any-Weather Paper and come in four different colours: Tan, Black, Yellow, and Green.