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If you’ve had to write crucial notes or orders in the field on exercise in poor weather conditions, you’ll be extremely familiar with the importance of having the right equipment for the job. Any old notepad and pen aren’t going to do the trick - you need a high quality military stationery kit. We’ve compiled a list of the essential items that you’re going to need to have to be properly equipped for writing outdoors.

Waterproof Pens

Your military stationery kit has to feature some of writing instrument, whether it be pens, pencils, lumocolours, chalk or a chinagraph - most military personnel use a pen and our range of waterproof pens from Rite in the Rain make for an ideal choice for those with practicality in mind. The pressurised ink cartridges allows the pen to write perfectly no matter what angle you’re on (even upside down!) and function through all kinds of moisture including water, grease, mud or dirt without any smudging at all. If you’re after a pen that performs for your military stationery kit then our pens are the perfect pick for you.


One of the most useful items that you need to have available in your stationery kit is a pencil. They’re incredibly useful to have for their ability to be erased easily, allowing you to alter your notes, orders, range templates or sketches on the fly. Rite in the Rain’s mechanical clicker pencils are top-quality, making use of 1.3mm dark lead for the finest marking, and a knurled metal grip that will assist your grip even when wearing gloves - perfect for cold weather conditions. And make sure that you grab yourself some lead refills to make sure that you’re prepared for when you run out.


We’ve spent all this time talking about the best tools you can use for note taking, but haven’t actually looked at what to put the notes into! So let’s have a look at notebooks. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, our range of Rite in the Rain notebooks are made using high quality waterproof paper to ensure that you’re geared for writing even in the harshest environments. Some of our notebooks also come with Fabrikoid covers, which mimic the aesthetics of leather while providing great protection to the book.

Loose Leaf Paper

It’s always a good idea to have some spare paper to hand, so why not bolster your military stationery kit with a pack of Rite in the Rain waterproof loose leaf paper? Coming in at 100 pages of waterproof paper per pack, they’re perfect for keeping on hand for note taking in any weather conditions. They come pre-punched to work seamlessly with either our ring binders or the UK military issue TAMS folder. Choose from either olive green or tan colours for extra customizability. For durable, waterproof loose leaf TAMS paper, you can’t beat Rite in the Rain.

Ring Binder

Organising your documents, orders folder, tams etc will be a cinch when you’re equipped with a Rite in the Rain ring binder. Manufactured from tough Polydura, these ring binders can comfortably hold and protect 75 sheets of Rite in the Rain waterproof paper. If you have documents that need organising and protection, then it's well worth getting yourself one to add to your military stationery kit. Our ring binders are available in Coyote Tan or Olive Green and make for a perfect organisation tool for your documents.

Notebook Cover

An essential accessory to go with your waterproof notebook is some form of notebook cover. A Cordura notebook cover is manufactured from Cordura fabric, which is nylon-based and well known for its resistance to tearing and hard-wearing nature. They go perfectly with any of our 946, 946T, 146 or 746 waterproof notebooks and even let you store  pens or pencils. Available in both multicam and coyote tan, it’ll look good doing it. There’s no better companion for your Rite in the Rain waterproof notebook, which makes the Cordura notebook cover an ideal addition to your military stationery kit.

If you have any questions regarding any of our Rite In The Rain products, you can get in touch with the Any Weather Paper team for helpful, professional advice today.