Black waterproof pen placed on a tree trunk

How Does A Waterproof Pen Work & Why Do I Need One?

Imagine being able to write clearly in any weather or even underwater? With a waterproof pen you can, but that's not the only reason it's so great.

Imagine if you could write notes in any location during any weather or even under the water? Well, there’s no need to imagine because with a waterproof pen you can do just that. If you’ve never heard of a pen that’s waterproof before, you might be wondering how on earth it actually works. Allow us to explain.

How does a waterproof pen work?  

Made using a pressurised ink cartridge and specialist ink, a waterproof pen allows you to write clear notes regardless of the weather (or indeed if you’re actually under the water). A waterproof pen can write underwater without leaking, smudging or dissolving. You can be sure your notes will be protected from the weather and will not smudge at a later point. You can even write upside down!

In addition to being waterproof, Rite In The Rain waterproof pens are also temperature-resistant. In fact, they can be used in temperatures as low as -34 degrees celsius and as high as 120 degrees celsius, without the quality or functionality being affected. 

Why do I need a waterproof pen?

You can probably guess many of the benefits of owning a pen that writes anywhere, in any weather. However, if you’re still feeling a little undecided, let’s take a look at the main reasons a waterproof pen is an essential piece of equipment. 

Write in any weather... 

Whether you’ve got a full day of field work ahead, an upcoming military exercise or you’re enjoying a day of orienteering, with a waterproof pen you don’t need to worry about what the weather will do. Even if it starts pouring with rain, you’ll be able to literally “write in the rain” just as easily as if it was glorious sunshine. When writing on waterproof paper, you can also have confidence that your notes will not rip or dissolve, even if completely submerged in water. 

And in any location

Whether you’re in the sea, the mountains or the desert (you name it), with the weather and temperature-resistant properties of a Rite in the Rain pen, you can write in any location regardless of the conditions. This makes it a great piece of kit for jobs where you’re required to do a lot of field work in different locations. And this brings us on nicely to our next point…

Perfect for outdoor/ field work...

When you’re out in the field, the last thing you need is bad weather ruining your ability to carry on efficiently with your work. That’s why a waterproof pen is such a useful tool for people who work outside. From agriculture, geology to the military, there are so many areas of work that can benefit from relying on waterproof stationery. 

And outdoor hobbies!

Many outdoor hobbies require you to take notes or are enhanced by the ability to do so. Bird watching, hiking, orienteering and many more activities, can all rely upon observations and note taking. Rather than relying on regular pen and paper that will smudge and tear at the first sign of rain, cut out the hassle with a waterproof pen and paper. This will allow you to enjoy your favourite hobbies regardless of what the weather has to say!

They're highly durable

Unlike regular ballpoint pens that can snap or break easily, RITR pens are built to last meaning you won’t have to keep spending money investing in more packs of pens. Just one waterproof pen will offer plenty of use and when the ink runs out, just replace it with one of our refills rather than buying a whole new pen. 

The best match for our waterproof notebooks

If you’ve already got one of our waterproof notebooks we would always recommend getting a waterproof pen to go with it. Using a waterproof pen on our waterproof paper will enhance it’s durability ensuring that your notes are 100% protected and making the process of writing in the rain a lot smoother. If you haven’t already got a waterproof notebook, what are you waiting for? 

Our waterproof pens are available as regular clicker/ bullet pens or as colourful waterproof markers. We also offer waterproof pencils that provide the same exceptional weather-resistant qualities. If you would like further information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to get in touch.