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How Waterproof Paper Can Help Reduce Your Office Carbon Footprint

Looking for ways to make the office greener, whilst saving money in the process? Waterproof paper is an eco-friendly solution for the office. Find out more.

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Offices can soon rack up big carbon footprints. For one thing, they’re packed full of electrical equipment that constantly needs running, whilst printing documents, making coffees and other daily tasks all consume their own levels of energy. So how can companies reduce their carbon footprint in the office? 

Reducing your electrical usage by turning off equipment and switching off lights etc. are likely to be the first thoughts that come to mind. However, one small change that can drastically reduce an office carbon footprint that you may not have considered is using waterproof paper. How can this help to make your workplace greener? Let’s find out. 

More Durable = Less Copies Required

Waterproof paper is resistant to tearing, smudging, and of course water. Unlike regular paper that is flimsy and will tear or disintegrate easily, water-resistant paper is incredibly durable. It can withstand use in challenging outdoor environments (even on tactical military missions) meaning it can definitely hold its own in the face of coffee spills and accidents in the office. Rather than needing to re-print documents to replace old ones that have torn or been damaged, water-resistant paper will ensure essential documents and notes will last, reducing copies that go to waste. This reduces the amount of paper that you need to use as well as the energy (and money) used for running the printer. 

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No Need To Laminate

Another way in which waterproof paper can help reduce your office carbon footprint is by reducing the need to laminate your documents and papers. Waterproof paper comes with a durable coating of its own - that’s what gives it its water-resistant properties. The coating that’s used on Rite In The Rain (RITR) all-weather paper is water-based, and free from any synthetic materials or plastics that can be harmful to the environment. This makes it durable and tear-resistant in its own right, removing the need to laminate it in order to protect it. This is better for the environment as most laminating sheets are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. In most cases, they’re made from pure plastic, which, once thrown away, will sit in landfill, causing pollutant waste. With this in mind, water-resistant paper can reduce the office carbon footprint by providing an eco-friendly alternative to laminating. 

RITR Uses Sustainable Processes

When making their waterproof paper, RITR are cautious in using only sustainable processes that are not harmful to the planet. This provides further peace of mind that the paper you’re using at work is contributing towards helping to reduce the office carbon footprint. To start with, RITR all-weather paper is natural and recyclable. This makes a change from other water-resistant papers which are often coated using synthetic materials that contain plastic. As we mentioned a moment ago, RITR  uses a water-based coating to ensure  it is natural. When the coating is applied, the only by-product is steam, and any printing that needs to be carried out is done so using soy-based inks. In addition to this, RITR ensure that their paper stock is only sourced from Forestry-Stewardship Council certified suppliers. Choosing office supplies from a sustainable supplier like this is always key in helping to reduce your office carbon footprint. 

We supply a range of RITR waterproof inkjet or laser printer paper, as well as loose leaf paper and a range of waterproof notebooks that are practical for office use. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on any of our products.