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Is Waterproof Paper Recyclable?

We know that waterproof paper is durable & practical for use in all weathers & environments, but is waterproof paper recyclable? Find out here.

We know that waterproof paper is, well, waterproof - this is what makes it incredibly practical for use in outdoor environments, as well as for a range of water sports. However, one question that you may have is, “is waterproof paper recyclable?”. Unfortunately, there’s no black and white answer to this, as it depends on the brand and the processes that they use to make their waterproof paper. 

Creating paper that is water-resistant and provides the level of durability required for outdoor use can be a challenge. Many waterproof paper brands use synthetic materials, such as plastic to make their paper water-resistant. They may also use a range of polymeric coatings to enhance durability. The issue with using these synthetic materials is that they are not recyclable. They cannot be recycled alongside regular organic paper and therefore are most likely to end up in landfill. So, going back to the question of “is waterproof paper recyclable”, the answer is, well, it depends on the brand. 

Where Can I Find Recyclable Waterproof Paper?

Unlike brands that use synthetic coatings, Rite In The Rain waterproof paper is 100% natural thanks to the following eco-friendly processes that they use to make their products:

Sustainably Sourced Paper Stock

Rite In The Rain are dedicated to making their processes as sustainable as possible. This starts with how they source their paper stock. All their paper is sourced from forests that have been officially certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. This verifies that the company has put processes in place to support responsible forestry. 

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100% Natural, Water-Based Coating

How is waterproof paper recyclable? A huge part of this depends on the coating that is used. As we mentioned a moment ago, many companies cut corners by using non-recyclable synthetic coatings to make their waterproof paper. Rite In The Rain on the other hand, uses a fully natural water-based coating, the only by-product of which is steam. Any printing that needs to be carried out is done so using soy-based inks. 

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Recyclable Covers 

Rite In The Rain produces a range of waterproof printer paper, loose leaf waterproof paper and waterproof notebooks. Ensuring their products are completely recyclable, all covers are also made from materials that can be recycled. All covers are made from either Fabrikoid, Field-Flex or Polydura. Fabrikoid and Field-Flex are both made from organic materials and can be recycled as normal along with the paper. Polydura contains polyethylene, which once separated from its pages can be recycled alongside other common household plastics. 

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Through discussing the question of “is waterproof paper recyclable”, we’ve established that Rite In The Rain have put a huge amount of consideration into their processes to ensure all of their products are fully recyclable. In addition to this, all modern facility equipment that they use is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. 

If you have any further questions regarding Rite In The Rain products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Any Weather Paper, the UK stockist of Rite In The Rain.