waterproof pen on waterproof paper with water droplets

Why Is Waterproof Paper Perfect For The Hospitality Sector?

A durable and cost-effective alternative to regular stationery, waterproof paper is perfectly suited to the hospitality sector. Find out more.
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Equipment used in the hospitality sector can be easily ruined by spillages and stains, including your paper and notepads. Using cheap, flimsy paper can be impractical in the hospitality industry, as well as looking unprofessional. Waterproof paper solves this issue in a cost friendly manner, whilst also doing its bit for the environment. These are some of the most useful benefits of using waterproof paper in hospitality: ​

It’s Ideal For Creating Durable Menus

Menus are a key item in restaurants and cafes, that can be easily spoiled by spillages on the table. This costs money if owners are continually required to reprint their menus, and it can also look unprofessional to customers who are struggling to read the menu as a result. Printing menus on waterproof printer paper makes them a lot more durable, providing a more practical and cost-effective option. 

It Can Be Used To Create Essential Signage

There are many different essential signs that may need to be displayed in the hospitality industry. This may include customer notices in the bathroom, safety signs in the kitchen, or essential tourist information displayed in hotel lobbies. These signs are likely to come up against a lot of potential damage from water and general wear and tear. Printing them on waterproof printer paper will make them a lot more resistant to damage, whilst providing them with a more professional looking finish. 

It’s More Cost-Effective Than Regular Stationery 

​Lots of money is wasted in the hospitality sector from constantly purchasing new paper products and stationery. Regular stationery can quickly become unusable when exposed to potential damage, like water spills. Waterproof paper saves a business from wasting unnecessary money on constantly replacing stationery. Rite In The Rain (RITR) waterproof paper products provide a durable and cost-effective alternative that will prevent the need for constant replacements.

It’s A Practical Option For Front Of House Staff

Notepads are essential for front of house staff. Notepads with regular paper can tear or smudge easily, which could potentially make orders illegible, leading to confusion and a bad experience for the customer. Using waterproof notebooks will ensure orders can be taken quickly and efficiently, even if they're covered in water. This means a smoother experience for the customer, and a more professional service as the notepads will not look tattered or worn.

RITR Waterproof Paper Is Environmentally Friendly

Waterproof paper, as already discussed, is a lot more durable than regular paper. This means it lasts longer, reducing waste and the environmental cost of constantly replenishing paper sources. In addition to this, the waterproof paper made by RITR is sustainably sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council-certified suppliers. The paper is then treated with a water-based coating, the only byproduct of which is steam, and any printing that needs to be done is carried out using soy-based inks.

If you have any more questions about our waterproof paper please do not hesitate to get in touch, where we can advise you on the most suitable options for your business.