military personnel holding a cordura multicam notebook cover

4 Reasons A Waterproof Notebook Is Practical For Military Use

If you're a member of the armed forces, you'll know the importance of having equipment you can rely on. This shouldn't stop at the stationery you use.
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If you’re a member of the armed forces then you’ll know the importance of having equipment that you can rely upon in any situation. A waterproof notebook meets this standard. Durable, water-resistant and functional in the harshest of conditions, a waterproof notebook is perfectly suited for military use. These are just a few of the reasons why.

Functional in any environment

No matter what the weather, even if you’re in the middle of a storm, a waterproof notebook will allow you to take accurate notes regardless of the conditions. Even if fully submerged underwater, the notebook will still function as normal. In addition to being waterproof, Rite In The Rain notebooks are also resistant to the likes of mud and oil and so will not tear or disintegrate in the face of spillages and spoils. This means that no matter how messy the conditions are, you can rely on a waterproof notebook to do its job as usual. 

Easy to pack/ transport

Our Tactical Pocket Notebook and Tactical Memo Book both fit into your smock pocket or can be stored easily in a bergen/ daysack. Designed with practicality in mind, our pocket waterproof notebooks are small and flexible in order to allow you to transport them easily when you’re on the go. Of course, you’ll also never need to worry about keeping them stored away from the rain due to their exceptional waterproof properties.

Record vital information accurately

With a waterproof notebook you can record vital notes such as coordinating instructions, timings and ammunition states without needing to worry about them smudging or being illegible. Unlike regular stationery, waterproof paper will not tear or disintegrate when faced with water or other spillages, meaning you can be confident that your notes will be kept in good condition for you to read back later. 

Keep important notes organised

With the knowledge that you’re likely to be required to make notes quickly and on the go, the waterproof pages of our Tactical Memo Book feature a lined grid design. This allows you to make neat notes for different tasks that will be easy to read back later. You can keep the pocket notebook together with your other stationery in a Multicam Pocket Notebook Cover that is made of highly durable cordura. 

Don’t forget a waterproof pen!

All our waterproof notebooks are most effective when used with a waterproof pen or pencil. Giving you the ability to write anywhere, even underwater or upside down, Rite In The Rain waterproof pens are made using a specialist ink cartridge that can be used in temperatures as low as -34°C or as high as 120°C. Just as practical for military use, Rite In The Rain pencils are made from thick, black graphite lead and durable metal casing. Created to meet the exceptional properties of our waterproof notebooks, our pens and pencils make a tough companion to any of our waterproof paper products.

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