assortment of waterproof pages on wooden background

5 Useful Benefits Of Waterproof Printer Paper

Practical, durable and versatile, waterproof printer paper is ideal for a range of outdoor & indoor uses. These are just a few of its main benefits.

Practical, durable and versatile, waterproof printer paper is a lot tougher, and a whole lot more useful than your average A4. Not only is it water-resistant, waterproof printer paper can also withstand the likes of mud and other messes. With these qualities in mind, you can see how waterproof printer paper is practical for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. These are just a few of its main benefits:

Durable In Outdoor Environments

The main benefit of waterproof paper is that you can use it in any outdoor environment, come rain or shine. This allows you to print important materials and take them out with you, without the fear of them smudging or tearing if it starts to rain or you drop them in a muddy puddle. Waterproof printer paper is perfect for printing a whole host of outdoor resources including maps, military orders, building surveys and directions. That’s why our Rite In The Rain waterproof paper has been used in various outdoor situations such as military ops and moorland hiking expeditions. 

Resistant To Tears And Spills

Not only does our waterproof printer paper allow you to write in the rain (quite literally), it’s also more resistant to tears and general spillages than regular printer paper. This is important if you’re working in challenging outdoor environments, however it’s also a very practical benefit for indoor jobs and activities. For example, if you work in an office, you don’t need to worry about drinks spilling, or your coffee cup leaving ring marks on your work. With these qualities, waterproof printer paper is also ideal for printing restaurant menus and posters for shops and other public spaces.

More Convenient And Effective Than Laminating​

Using waterproof printer paper also removes the cost and time that would otherwise be spent laminating your materials in order to make them more durable. Waterproof printer paper does that all on its own. Simply print out what you need and it’s ready to take away with you, whatever weather you’re heading into. Additionally whilst laminated pages can tear at the edges, this isn’t a concern with waterproof printer paper that’s manufactured to be water-resistant and tear-proof in the first place. 

Environmentally friendly

Rite In The Rain’s A4 copier/ laser printer paper is completely recyclable wood-based paper. The durability of waterproof printer paper also makes it a more sustainable option for helping the environment. As regular paper can smudge and tear easily, it’s a lot more disposable. For example, if you use resources printed on regular paper in the rain, it’s likely that they’ll only last for that one trip, meaning you’ll have to waste more paper (and money) printing more sheets. On the other hand, resources printed onto waterproof paper will last a lot longer because they’re more resistant to damage. This means one sheet is likely to last you multiple outdoor trips and indoor activities.  


Due to waterproof paper being a lot more durable than regular paper, this also makes it a more cost-effective option. Whilst the initial cost of waterproof printer paper can be more expensive than cheap paper, in the long run it is a more cost-effective investment, the main reason being that you don’t need to buy as much as it. With cheap paper, you keep having to print more to replace smudged or damaged sheets. With waterproof paper where the likes of water, mud and other spills are simply brushed off, your printed resources will go a lot further.