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5 Essential Bits Of Equipment For Outdoor Work In The UK

If you're working outdoors in the UK, you're going to need to be ready to face the weather. Join us as we walk through the top outdoor work 5 items you need.
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Outdoor work can be so easily spoiled by poor weather conditions, which is why you need to be prepared with the right equipment to protect you from the rain and cold. That involves plenty of waterproof items, which Rite in the Rain merchandise is perfect for! In the following guide, we’ll walk you through the top five essential items you need for working outdoors.

Cold Weather Jacket

One of the most basic, yet essential bits of kit for outdoor work is a good cold weather jacket or coat. This will be one of the most important pieces of outdoor work gear to keep yourself warm and dry in the face of poor weather. A good quality waterproof jacket will keep you protected from the rain and cold while also being breathable enough to allow sweat and perspiration to escape. If your work requires hi-vis gear, you can also find hi-vis jackets as well.

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Work Boots

A good pair of work boots are an essential piece of personal protection equipment for outdoor work. There’s a huge range of outdoor footwear to choose from, but if you’re preparing to beat the weather you’re going to want something waterproof. Other features you should keep an eye out for include toe caps, impact resistance and heat resistance. It’s important to remember to wear a good pair of socks as well, in order to prevent blisters and maintain warmth throughout cold conditions.

All Weather Pocket Pen

Everyone needs a pen, and if you’re working outdoors then you need one that’s going to work in the rain. Any Weather Paper’s waterproof ink pens, such as the Rite in the Rain All Weather Pocket Pen, are fantastic pieces of equipment to have on you. The pressurised ink cartridge is able to function well in temperatures ranging from -35 to degrees Fahrenheit, as well as up to 35 ft underwater. Waterproof ink pens are a must-have for anyone who expects to be working in the rain, extreme heat/cold, or underwater.

Waterproof Notebook

A waterproof notebook is a vital piece of outdoor equipment for anyone who needs to be writing things down. The RITR Waterproof Side-Spiral Notebook features a nigh-invincible cover made from post-consumer waste, as well as extremely durable anti-glare sheets. The waterproof coating on each of the pages will ensure that your work won’t smudge or disintegrate in the face of poor weather. Because of this, we highly recommend a waterproof notebook for outdoor work.

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Notebook Cover

Ideal for harsh weather conditions, a notebook cover like the Rite in the Rain Cordura Notebook Cover is a the perfect accessory for protecting your notebook, pens and other essentials. Made from discreet and stylish CORDURA fabric and able to store up to four pens, a notebook as well as featuring a general pocket in addition, a Cordura Notebook cover is a hard-wearing solution to storing your note-taking essentials on the move.

If you have any further queries surrounding what Any Weather Paper can do to get you equipped with the highest quality kit for outdoor work, feel free to get in touch with our team today!