How Is A Waterproof Notebook Useful In Summer?

How Is A Waterproof Notebook Useful In Summer?

Even when the sun is (supposedly) shining, a waterproof notebook can come in handy. Discover why this bit of equipment should be on your summer kit list.

There’s no doubt about it, waterproof notebooks are perfect for when the rain is lashing down in the wetter months. But as summer approaches, you might start to question whether your waterproof notebook is still an essential bit of kit. Though we are hoping for a dry and warm few months, we promise that a Rite In The Rain notebook will still be very useful. Here’s why:

Perfect For Watersports

Summer is the best time of year to get stuck into watersports, and whether you are trying something new or are seasoned on the water, a waterproof notebook is sure to enhance your experience. If your watersport of choice is something like sailing, rowing or paddleboarding, it can be good to make notes of the conditions, your chosen route, and interesting things you see on your trip or during a race. Waterproof notebooks are completely splashproof, so you don’t need to worry about important information getting ruined as you glide over the waves. You can even take notes underwater which makes a waterproof notebook great for writing things down and communicating when swimming or diving in the summer months.

Keeps You Covered In Showers

British summertime is not complete without a shower or two and it’s important to have equipment that you can rely on come rain or shine. Particularly if you will be working outdoors, you’ll want to be able to keep going when dark clouds do blow over. With a waterproof notebook, you can trust that your work won’t get ruined or become harder to do when the conditions are less favourable. This means you can pack light with just one notebook to get you through the wet, the dry, and everything in between.

Helps You Stay Organised

For many, summer tends to be one of the busiest times of the year. People tend to travel more in the summer months or find that they have a more diverse range of plans than usual. A waterproof notebook means that you can take all of your important notes and plans with you wherever you go, so you never have to be caught without them. You can also get Rite In The Rain calendar notebooks. These have the same levels of durability and quality as standard waterproof paper but with added calendar printing on the pages to help you keep organised when you’re on the go during this busy period.

Resists Oil & Sweat

Rain isn’t the only type of liquid that should be kept away from your notes. As it heats up, you might find that you produce more sweat, so it’s important that you have a notebook that is sweat-resistant. Rite In The Rain waterproof notebooks are exactly that, making them perfect for use during warmer summer conditions. They are also fantastic at resisting oil and grease, unpleasantries that are particularly hard to avoid in sunny-season when wearing suncream and insect repellent is essential for staying safe and protecting yourself when working outdoors.

If you need any guidance when it comes to selecting the right type of waterproof notebook for your needs this summer, don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.