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5 Practical Indoor Uses For A Waterproof Notebook

Waterproof paper is known for its practical outdoor uses, but do you know why waterproof notebooks are beneficial for indoor use? Find out here.

Waterproof notebooks are known for their ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements, including rain, mud and general messes, such as oil. You can even take them underwater with you. Whilst the exceptional durability of waterproof notebooks makes them perfectly suited to outdoor jobs and expeditions, their practical indoor uses should not be overlooked. Using a waterproof notebook, as opposed to a regular notebook, can be beneficial to a range of indoor jobs and activities. These include: 

Sports Coaching And Fitness Training

Whether you’re a personal trainer or teach indoor sports, having a waterproof notebook will keep important notes protected from the likes of sweat and water spills from drinks bottles. This allows you to make important notes and keep them to hand, without worrying about them getting smudged or tearing. You can also use our durable waterproof printer paper to print out important teaching resources and bring them to the sports hall with you, without them getting ripped or damaged. 

Swim Teaching

As we’ve mentioned, waterproof notebooks are ideally suited to teaching indoor sport and fitness. However, their waterproof properties make them particularly well suited for swimming instructors. Having a waterproof notebook allows you to make teaching notes whilst no longer needing to worry about splashes from the pool soaking and destroying them. This allows you to keep more precise, clear and organised notes, making your job a whole lot easier. 

Lab Work

Scientific or medical laboratories are another indoor location where your notes might be more exposed to spillages and water marks.  A waterproof notebook will enable you to make important notes without the risk of them becoming illegible as a result of spillages or messes in the lab. You’ll also be able to continue writing on your waterproof notebook in the event that something does get spilt on the pages. 

Restaurant Service​

When working in a restaurant you’re surrounded by food and drinks that can all too easily cause spillages and messes. That’s why a waterproof notebook is much better suited to taking orders than a regular notebook, that will tear or disintegrate if food or drink is spilled on it. Having a waterproof notebook will keep notes better protected, and provide a much more suitable option for a restaurant and kitchen environment. The Rite In The Rain pocket notebook is 4” x 6” making it the perfect size to fit in an apron pocket. 

Office Work

There’s nothing worse than spilling a cup of coffee all over important work notes and having to start from scratch. With a waterproof notebook, this won’t be a concern. Whether you’re taking notes in a meeting or working away at your desk, you can work with the knowledge that your notes will be protected, even in the event that a drink does get spilled all over them. Rite In The Rain waterproof paper is also resistant to temperature meaning that if someone leaves a coffee cup on your notes, you can be confident that it won’t mark or ruin all of your hard work. 

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