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5 Reasons The Rite In The Rain Memo Book Is Relied Upon By Military Personnel

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Military personnel will be well aware of the challenges that come with working in the field. Long days on exercise take their toll on your physical strength and mixed weather conditions can make it a battle to complete your tasks. In particular, you might find yourself battling in all weathers to record crucial notes and, if you don’t have the right equipment, this can feel like an impossible process. 

Available in Olive Green, Coyote Tan, Black and Orange, the Rite In The Rain Memo Book solves many of these problems and makes it possible to take reliable and clear notes in the field. In fact, we’d argue that it’s the ultimate notebook for military personnel. Here’s why the Rite In The Rain Memo Book is relied upon by so many:

100% Waterproof

Wet weather and poor conditions can make it incredibly difficult to write notes in the field. Even if you can jot things down with paper and pen, it’s likely your notes will come into contact with further rain, oil, mud and sweat throughout the day. This is where the Rite In The Rain Memo Book can come in. The paper is completely waterproof and reinforced by waterproof glue which means that you can rely on it in come rain or shine. 

Super Strong

There’s nothing wrong with making important notes only to find out that they haven’t survived the day. However, this can be a pretty common occurrence out in the field as wet paper is typically prone to breakage. Fortunately, you need not worry about this with the Rite In The Rain Memo Book as the pages are incredibly strong. This means that they will not tear when damp or tucked away in a full bag or pocket, giving you certainty that the information you need will be as clear as it should be when you need to call upon it.

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Easy To Carry

When heading out into the open, you’ll want kit that is easy to pack and definitely want to save space where you can to avoid carrying excess weight. The Rite In The Rain Memo Book has been designed with this necessary convenience in mind, measuring up at a handy 3.5” x 5” and weighing just 76 grams. This size will tuck perfectly into your smock pocket so it’s easy to grab on the go and make notes conveniently. 

Flexible Cover

If you do want to squeeze your Rite In The Rain Memo Book into a tight space or put its strength to the test, the field-flex cover will have your back. Exceptionally tough, this durable cover can withstand long periods of pressure as it is Rite In The Rain’s most flexible cover material ever. And despite being so strong and flexible, it can still be recycled as it’s made with a paper-based construction. 

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Handy Reference Guides

Every element of the Rite In The Rain Memo Book has been designed with military personnel in mind, so it’s no wonder that it’s a notebook relied upon by so many. One of the best examples of this is the fact that the notebook is packed with information that you might need when out on the field. The handy reference guides printed as standard in the Memo Book include imperial and metric rulers, a conversion table and a map scale, making it easy to do whatever you need to even in the most remote locations, all without having to carry excess equipment.