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Can You Print On Waterproof Paper?

If you spend any amount of time working on paper, you’ll be well aware that it has its disadvantages. Paper rips and tears easily, and if you’re making notes in all weathers then it’s even more likely that your precious notes will struggle to stand the test of time. One of the ways that you can overcome these problems is by using Rite in the Rain waterproof paper as it’s more durable and hard-wearing than your standard sheet of A4. 

As the benefits of waterproof paper become widely known, we get asked more and more questions about how this type of paper works. One of the most common of these is a query that affects how useful it might be in many circumstances, namely ‘can you print on waterproof paper?’. 

The answer to this question is yes, you can print on waterproof paper. In fact, Rite in the Rain A4 printer paper is designed specifically for this purpose which makes it perfect for use in a range of settings like schools and workplaces. Providing you’re using the right kind of printer and ink (more on that shortly…), printing on this waterproof paper is a great way to enhance the quality of your notes and add a more durable and versatile dimension to your typical piece of work. 

Is A Specific Printer Required?

Each sheet of Rite in the Rain A4 printer paper has been carefully treated with a water-based coating that repels all water, sweat and dirt it comes into contact with. Before diving into your pack and printing away, it’s therefore important to make sure that you’re using your waterproof paper in the right way and making the most of its durable construction.

One of the most important things to know when printing on waterproof paper is that Rite in the Rain A4 printer paper is suitable for double-sided printing in laser printers or photocopiers. It is not compatible with use in inkjet printers. 

How To Print On Waterproof Paper

With the right type of printer or copier, printing on waterproof paper is incredibly easy. Simply load into your printer and print or copy your chosen documents as you normally would. The final document should look no different to a standard print, and you can be confident that the paper will retain its shape, not melt or collect a static charge when in the printer. The toner should not rub or wash off. 

Why Print On Waterproof Paper?

There are all kinds of reasons why it’s beneficial to print on waterproof paper rather than a standard sheet of A4. Some of the key ones include: 

Protect Your Work

The main benefit of printing onto waterproof paper rather than normal paper is that you can expect your notes and work to last longer. When you print onto normal paper, any water or moisture that comes into contact with the sheet can cause the ink to run and your work to get ruined. Waterproof printer paper, on the other hand, will prevent this from happening and keep your work protected from spills and even tears. Whether a water bottle spills on worksheets in the classroom or you use printed menus in a restaurant where accidents are inevitable, printing on waterproof paper therefore protects the life of your precious documents. 

Save Money…

While waterproof printer paper can initially be more costly than a pack of normal paper, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. Documents printed on waterproof paper will naturally last longer than those printed on standard paper that may smudge and rip and this means that you will be printing less over time. Not only will this mean that you spend less on the paper itself, but you can also expect to see a reduction in your ink costs. 

… & The Planet!

When you’re buying less paper, you can also feel confident that you are doing your bit for the planet. Over time, using less paper means that fewer trees are cut down which is vital for preserving oxygen in the air. Rite in the Rain A4 printer paper is also completely recyclable and wood-based. This means that you can dispose of your notes in a sustainable manner when the time does come.

If you have any questions about printing on waterproof paper or wish to further explore our range of waterproof stationery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team here at Any Weather Paper!