5 Reasons To Use A Cordura Notebook Cover In Autumn

5 Reasons To Use A Cordura Notebook Cover In Autumn

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It’s time to give some thought to protecting your notebook this Autumn. As the weather turns towards the cold and wet side of things, giving due consideration to how you’re going to spare your notes from sustaining damage should be one of the top priorities for anybody that makes use of a notebook in a professional or hobby capacity. But not to worry, Any Weather Paper has you covered.

Our Cordura Notebook cover range boasts incredible durability and versatility, without compromising on the style you’ve come to expect from Rite in the Rain products. Made in partnership with Tactical Tailor, Cordura Notebook covers are sure to meet the toughest standards in notebook protection.

Take Advantage Of The Durable Properties of CORDURA® Fabric

A notebook cover made out of CORDURA® fabric is one that you know that you can depend on when it comes to durability and damage resistance. CORDURA® fabric is a nylon-based material that has become well known for its hard-wearing nature and resistance to tearing, puncturing and abrasions. These qualities make a Cordura notebook cover an ideal choice for protecting your writing supplies from harsh environments and weather, or just the general wear and tear that comes with regular outdoor excursions. If you’re after a product that you know is going to perform, a Rite in the Rain notebook cover made out of CORDURA® fabric is the perfect choice for you.

They’re The Perfect Accessory For A Rite In The Rain Notebook

The ideal companion for a Rite in the Rain notebook is (you’ll never guess), a Rite in the Rain notebook cover! A Cordura notebook cover makes for a perfect accessory for our notebooks, with a variety of options available to go hand in hand with any of our 946, 946T, 146 or 746 waterproof notebook ranges. If you’re looking for a notebook cover that fits your notebook perfectly without sacrificing on style or durability, you don’t need to look any further than a Cordura notebook cover.

Stay Discreet and Stylish in Any Weather

It’s no secret that with the arrival of autumn comes a shift in weather.  As things move towards a colder and wetter season, it’s important that you give due consideration to protecting your writing supplies from the elements, particularly if you are planning on making use of them outside, (something that many of Rite in the Rain enthusiasts are likely to do). If you want protection that doesn’t compromise on style, then a Cordura notebook cover is probably the pick for you. Available in Multicam and Coyote Tan designs, our notebook covers are discreet and stylish in any environment, ideal for note taking outdoors.

Keep Organised by Securing Your Writing Supplies All In One Place

Step up your note taking game by making use of the helpful storage capabilities of a Cordura notebook cover. External storage areas allow you to securely stow away up to four pens or pencils along with your notebook, keeping all of your essential writing supplies in one place. Gone are the days of fishing around your daysac or bags in search of your pen; now you can take your organisation to the next level. And why not check out our range of waterproof pens for the complete Rite in the Rain experience at the same time?

Look Like A Professional, Wherever You Go

Storing your notebook inside of a Cordura Notebook Cover is a surefire way to enhance your professional image, be it in a meeting with your clients, a presentation with the higher-ups or even just business as usual in the office. By choosing to protect your notes and equipment in a cover, you’re showing off the value you place on your work as well as your commitment to good organisation and style. A Rite in the Rain notebook cover is perfect for the keen professional who wants to show it.

If you have any questions regarding the Cordura notebook cover or any other Rite In The Rain products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Any Weather Paper, the UK supplier of Rite In The Rain products.