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7 Unexpected Uses For Waterproof Paper In Everyday Life

There is no denying that waterproof stationery has its most obvious uses in the world of work and hobbies. Waterproof notebooks are a practical military essential, and there are many outdoor activities that are made ten times better by being able to write come rain or shine. 

However, the benefits of having stationery that can be used in all weathers aren’t exclusive to explorers or outdoor enthusiasts. When it comes to everyday tasks, there are all kinds of parts of our daily routines that can be transformed by the ability to write clearly and easily with waterproof paper.

Shopping Lists

Food shopping is a stressful experience at the best of times, let alone when you have to dash across the car park in a heavy shower. Knowing that both you and your all-important shopping list will make it to the doors in one piece can really take the weight off this everyday task and waterproof paper certainly guarantees that the latter will survive. By crafting your shopping list on waterproof paper or keeping things together in a spiral waterproof notebook will ensure that even the heaviest rain won’t wash away your reminders and ingredients.

Recipe Cards

If you love experimenting in the kitchen, you know just how important a good recipe is. However, you’ll also know that a messy kitchen is pretty inevitable when rustling up a culinary delight. By jotting your favourite recipes down on waterproof paper, you can ensure that your essential notes survive accidental spills and splashes in the kitchen. Rite in the Rain Waterproof Loose Leaf Paper will repel water even when your saucepan spills over and is finished with a six-hole punch to easily slot into your favourite recipe binder. 

Shower Thoughts

Ever had a sudden burst of creative inspiration or remembered something important when you were in the shower? We know it sounds ridiculous, but some of the best ideas really do come to us when we are in the shower. Regular paper certainly won’t survive the steam and water that conjures up your best thoughts, but waterproof paper will. Keep a few sheets or a mini waterproof notebook handy and you’ll never miss a moment of inspiration again.

Emergency Information Notes

Emergencies happen when we least expect them and they certainly don’t stop to wait for poor weather conditions to pass. It’s a great idea to keep essential information like your medical conditions, allergies and emergency contact details handy and waterproof paper is the perfect piece of stationery to use in order to ensure they are readable when needed most. Your durable notes can be kept tucked away in a convenient location like your wallet or purse for peace of mind during unexpected situations. 

Bathroom Organisation

Keeping your bathroom organised is no easy task and one that probably takes up more time in your day than you’d like. Sorting and labelling your bathroom products is a great way to keep everything neat and tidy but regular paper labels might not last in such a humid and wet environment. Waterproof paper, however, will withstand moisture and is perfect for sticking on soap dispensers, storage bins and toiletry organisers. 

Outdoor Signs

There are all kinds of scenarios where you might wish to create an easy-to-read outdoor sign. Whether hosting a backyard barbecue or notifying neighbours of wet paint, a sign quickly written out on normal paper will almost instantly become ineligible in wet conditions. Use Rite in the Rain printer paper instead and you’ll never need to worry about your signage being washed away again. 

Garden Markers

Waterproof paper can also improve your gardening skills. As you add to and develop your garden, waterproof paper is a great way to create durable markers for your plants and features. Label each plant with care instructions and planting dates and watch your garden grow safe in the knowledge that important information will withstand the test of the elements. 

However you choose to introduce waterproof paper into your everyday life, don’t forget that this type of stationery is best accompanied by a Rite in the Rain pen or pencil. Just like waterproof paper, these important writing implements are designed to withstand spills, splashes and even a soaking, allowing you to get on with your everyday tasks with ease.