close up of person writing in spiral waterproof notebook on a wooden table

Be Winter-Ready With Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebooks

Don't let the winter weather be a problem. Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebooks are built to perform in challenging weather conditions. Find out more.

Rite In The Rain waterproof notebooks are the scientific solution to an everyday problem; namely how to keep your notes clear and legible in adverse wet conditions. Whether you find yourself in a sudden downpour, caught in the mud, or even take a dip in a river or lake you can rest assured that with a Rite In The Rain notebook, your notes will stay in peak condition.

With winter setting in and the temperature dropping, it’s increasingly likely that any outdoor activity will require you to be prepared for bad weather. That can come in the form of light snowfall to a severe rainstorm but as long as you’re prepared none of that should get in your way when it comes to enjoying the outdoors during winter.

Whether you find yourself out in the elements for work or leisure you can always rely on Rite In The Rain any-weather paper to make sure your writing remains clear and readable. Designed for use by professionals, soldiers, hikers and hardcore hobbyists RITR waterproof paper is perfect for maps, coordinates, or communications and will ensure that they can all be documented securely.

Using a patented coating procedure, RITR all-weather paper and waterproof notebooks are designed to repel not just water but also oil, mud, and sweat. This covers a huge range of scenarios that winter might find you combating, from the increased number of layers and condensation inside a warm tent to accidentally dropping your notebook in a muddy puddle you’ll be confident in your notebook staying safe. RITR notebooks also come with three separate styles of cover, each one subtly changing the design of the notebook to your preference whilst still being completely waterproof and incredibly durable.

RITR coated paper works well with any pencil but also with the selection of waterproof pens available. Especially useful in winter as they work in conditions as low as -30F these pens can write upside down and won’t wash off the any-weather paper, making them an indispensable tool when it comes to recording data in the winter. They are also refillable meaning you can simply carry a few refills instead of a whole load of individual pens.

Below we’ve come up with a few scenarios you might find yourself in this winter where a waterproof notebook or copy paper might come in handy:

#1: Out For Work

There’s nothing worse than being out in the cold and working while everyone else is inside relaxing and enjoying themselves in the warm. Except perhaps realising all the data you marked down and the notes you made for yourself have smudged and been rendered illegible by the rain that you got caught in. Save yourself that added stress by picking up an any-weather notebook.

#2: Sporting Events

When you look at the sports that continue through the winter months they all have something in common, they require a certain resilience. Whether you’re refereeing a rugby match, managing a football team or you’re out orienteering making sure your notes stay intact is easy with the water and mud protection that RITR paper offers.

#3: Hiking & Hobbying

Aside from sporting exploits, winter can be a great time just to get out and explore. The air can be brisk and invigorating and just getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a refreshing experience. You never know when inspiration will strike or when you’ll feel the need to write down a few quick pointers to keep something fresh in your mind when you get back to civilisation.