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The Benefits Of Using Waterproof Paper For Maps & Nautical Charts

If you’re an avid adventurist, your maps and charts are an important tool. Learn how waterproof paper can make a world of difference while on your travels.
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From seasoned adventurers to novice travellers, one thing is certain; your maps and nautical charts are one of your most valued possessions. GPS devices are not always reliable and may not be available in some instances, so knowing how to properly navigate using a map or nautical chart is an important skill to have. Even in places where your handy mobile device with its navigation app can lend some help, some travellers prefer to wander the globe the old fashioned way, with a paper map in hand. But what happens when severe weather or storms hit?

Keeping dry, especially if you’re a passionate outdoorsman or water sport enthusiast, can be a bit of a challenge. It’s understandable that adventurers are always looking for great new tools and tips to make their travel time a bit easier, or at least not as difficult. A simple way to get more mileage out of your maps and nautical charts is by utilizing waterproof paper. If you haven’t yet discovered this must-have material, we’ve put together a list of some of the benefits of waterproof paper for maps and nautical charts below.

Choose Rite In The Rain Waterproof Paper For Maps & Charts

Rite In The Rain all weather paper was established in 1916 by a man named Jerry Darling. He realized in the logging industry there was a need for a durable material that could be written on and that could handle severe conditions, from rain, dirt and storms to simple wet environments like those you would find on a boat. Now, Rite In The Rain products are a handy resource for travellers and adventurers whose hobbies include hiking, backpacking, water sports, camping, sailing and so many more.

Printing out maps and nautical charts on waterproof paper can save you the hassle of having to replace your much needed paper maps and charts, especially in times when you need them most. It's also a lot easier than using fablon to cover your maps. Check out some of the benefits of waterproof paper for maps and nautical charts:

  • Tear-resistant: Waterproof paper isn’t easy to rip apart!
  • Hard to stain with grease or oils: Because it’s waterproof, it’s not typically affected by oils and some chemicals. When you’re out travelling, things like sunscreen and oil-based bug repellents would typically stain or damage your maps and charts.
  • Cost effective: Have you ever dropped your map in a puddle? Has a wave ever crashed over the side of your boat, soaking your charts? Maps themselves aren’t a cheap resource, so the added benefit of not needing to replace a paper map or chart means you can buy other fun gadgets and tools for your travels.
  • Peace Of Mind: Just as with your journals, notebooks and other important papers, your maps and charts may be what steers you in the right direction. Knowing that you hold a durable, safe and waterproof map or chart means you don’t need to be concerned that the elements may leave you without.

Waterproof maps and charts are a great tool to have on hand. However, one of the things that make Rite In The Rain waterproof paper stand out even amongst other waterproof papers is that it is made from 100% natural materials and protected using a water-based coating. This means that should you happen to lose your map in a forest or drop it in the ocean, it will breakdown safely unlike laminated maps and charts.

You might also want to grab a Rite In The Rain waterproof notebook and waterproof pen too, just in case you need to jot something down or work through some numbers. If you want to keep your waterproof maps, charts, notebooks and pens safe but also close to hand, you might want to think about keeping them in a waterproof pouch attached to your belt or bag strap. Small waterproof pouches are ideal for outdoor adventurers and watersports enthusiasts, as they are durable, watertight, surprisingly spacious, and, perhaps most importantly, they float.