Essential Football Coaching Equipment For The New Season

Essential Football Coaching Equipment For The New Season

Take your football coaching to the next level with brand-new equipment. We’ve outlined the must-have coaching essentials for the new season.
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The start of the season is probably the best time of year to be a football coach. Though it may have seemed like the off-season break went on forever, your players will be buzzing to get going again. Your team will inevitably be setting their sights on some silverware, giving you the perfect opportunity to take your coaching to the next level. New football coaching equipment can help you to shake things up on the training pitch and go for glory this season. Here are some winning essentials:


No matter what age group or level you are in charge of, you won’t get very far as a football coach without some footballs. Make sure that the balls you use are appropriate for the surface you train on and try and practice with similar balls the ones that you’d use in matchplay. Don’t forget to also invest in a sturdy carry bag so that you can keep all of your kit together neatly when transporting it between sessions.


Good football coaches know that replicating matchplay situations is an essential part of any training session. Whether your team have a special training kit or wear their favourite replica jerseys to training, bibs are an essential piece of equipment for dividing the group up into teams. Choose bright colours so to increase visibility and remember to mix up the teams throughout the session to give your players experience dealing with defenders of all abilities.


Particularly in pre-season, cones are a vital piece of equipment for football coaches. Building and maintaining fitness levels is of utmost importance and cones allow you to map out different running drills to ensure that your players get plenty of miles in their legs before getting into the swing of playing matches. You can also use cones to boost agility and gain a competitive advantage against your opposition.


As a football coach, it can be hard to simulate realistic situations when trying to iron out a leaky defence or work on set pieces. Mannequins offer a genuinely useful solution to this, allowing you to flexibly create a huge range of defensive and attacking situations. Mannequins are a particularly useful tool for 1-on-1 football coaching or smaller groups, as you can ensure that all players have an active role in the session yet still have enough bodies for realistic scenarios. 

Waterproof Notebook

Whether you want to record feedback for your players or demonstrate different formations and plays, it can be really handy to be able to jot down notes while football coaching. A standard notebook or whiteboard can help you to achieve this, but will get easily ruined and scupper your plans in the rain. You are better off in investing in a notetaking device that will have you covered even if the heavens open, like a waterproof notebook. The heavy-duty covers and 100% waterproof and sweatproof paper of Rite in the Rain Notebooks make these particularly suitable for communicating effectively when football coaching in all conditions.

Waterproof Paper

If you’re keen to write in all conditions but want to flexibly visualise formations and positioning, waterproof paper is an essential piece of football coaching equipment. Rite in the Rain printer paper is perfect for providing players with instructions and managing games. You could even print a diagram or picture of the pitch onto the paper and visualise different defence and attack situations.

Waterproof Pen

Once you’ve got your hands on a waterproof notebook or paper, you’ll need a writing implement to match. Rite In The Rain pocket pens are perfect for football coaches, slipping easily into the pocket of your shorts or tracksuit without weighing you down. These compact pens will complement your waterproof notebook perfectly and ensure you can record information quickly and effectively out on the pitch, no matter the weather conditions.

Rebound Nets

Looking to add new and different drills to your training session? Rebound nets should be at the top of your list of football coaching essentials. These clever nets are great for improving all of the small margins that add up, sending the ball back to the player’s feet to test their reaction time and control.

If you are keen to add Rite In The Rain products to your game plan this season, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the expert team at Any Weather Paper. We are the UK supplier of Rite In The Rain notebooks and pens and can help you find the perfect football coaching equipment for your team.