11 Essential Pieces of Fly Fishing Equipment

11 Essential Pieces of Fly Fishing Equipment

New to the angler game? You're going to need to get yourself geared up. Have a look at our blog on the essential fly fishing equipment you need to invest in.

There’s a lot of joy to be had going fly fishing. It’s an incredible chance to immerse yourself in the natural world, and offers both tranquillity and excitement in equal measure. It’s also challenging and can be a great competitive experience with your friends as well.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the top pieces of fly fishing equipment that you’re going to need to get started on your fly fishing journey, and explain the basics of the role that each part plays in the hobby.

Fly Rod

Probably the most obvious piece of fly fishing equipment on this list is the fly rod. There are different lengths and grips for fly rods depending on your preference for the type of fish you’re trying to catch. One-handed grips are generally good for saltwater or trout fishing whereas two-handed rods allow for firmer control when you’re after fish such as Salmon.

The length of your rod should depend on where you are fishing. The larger the area, the longer the rod you want for it. A long rod will also perform better in windy weather conditions than a shorter one would.

Fly Fishing Nets

It’s going to be incredibly difficult to bag larger fish like salmon without a proper fishing net as one of your fly fishing accessories. You’ll want to balance weight (remember, you’ll be carrying this the whole time) with a suitable size. Generally, a net with the ability to catch and release a medium trout is suitable for a beginner. By the end of the day, carrying a heavy net around is going to make you very tired.

Magnetic Net Release Holder

To compliment the former item, a magnetic net release holder is a part of your fly fishing equipment that you’ll have no regrets buying. Exerting around 12 pounds of force, the net release holder keeps your net firmly attached to your body while also being easy enough to detach when needed. Without this, you may have great difficulty getting hold of your net quickly when you need it.

Fly Reel

Definitely one of the essential pieces of fly fishing equipment, your fly reel can make all the difference between an enjoyable and a miserable fly fishing experience. There are two main types of fly reel that you need to be aware of - centrepin reels and drag reels:

  • Centrepin reel - Most centrepin reels operate on a zero drag system, being controlled entirely by the thumb of the angler operating it. This allows for a lightweight fly fishing setup and smoother performance than a drag reel.

  • Drag reel - Working off a cassette system, a drag system helps an angler reel in a fish that’s offering a lot of resistance and prevents spool overrun.

Strike Indicators

Strike Indicators are essential fly fishing accessories when an angler uses nymphs. As you’re unable to see the fly after it sinks below the surface (even with polarised sunglasses), attaching a strike indicator anywhere from 6 inches to a foot away from the fly will allow them to use it to gauge when they need to set the hook. When the strike indicator starts moving sharply it’s time to get to work.


The tippet functions essentially as the bridge between the fly and the tip of the leader, creating a nigh-invisible line that fish won’t notice. This particular bit of kit is incredibly necessary when nymphing.

Fishing Nippers

Effectively a pair of nail clippers, but for fishing. They’re useful for cutting excess tippet material after attaching the fly. While one could use regular nail clippers and get an adequate result, it’s generally worth investing in a pair for your fly fishing equipment collection because they give a much cleaner cut while being easier to use.

Leader Straightener

When fly fishing, it is important to eliminate memory and any curling so that you can accurately cast. A leader straightener is a piece of fly fishing equipment that does just that, making use of rubber pads to apply strong, but consistent force to the leader and straighten it out quickly. This is definitely one of the fly fishing accessories that you’ll want on hand.

Polarised Sunglasses

The advantage of polarised sunglasses is their ability to cut through the glare and see properly beneath the surface of the water, as well as where their fly is while it’s floating on the water’s surface. Without a pair of these in your arsenal of fly fishing equipment, you may as well try fishing blind. These are a 100% essential inclusion for your collection of fly fishing accessories.

Fishing Hat

Particularly during the summer months, a fishing hat is an incredibly important piece of kit. They will help to prevent sunburn when you’re fishing on a sunny day, and allow your polarised sunglasses (see above) to function better at the same time. If you don’t happen to have a fishing hat lying around in your collection of fly fishing equipment, a baseball cap makes a perfectly acceptable substitute.

Fishing Journal And Pen

What better way to keep your fishing trip organised and record all of the important information than with a Rite in the Rain Waterproof Fly Fishing Journal? You’ll be able to keep an inventory, note down the best spots and keep a record of the fish you catch with this handy little notebook. Meanwhile, the waterproof pages mean that you’ll have no fear of accidentally destroying your notes while you’re out on the water. It’s a great pick for the aspiring angler.

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