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Find The Perfect Archaeology Field Notebook With Any Weather Paper

Durable, versatile & 100% waterproof, find the best archaeology field notebook as we look at the key features of Rite In The Rain's waterproof field book.
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When conducting field work as an archaeologist, it’s essential that you have somewhere reliable to record crucial observations and notes while you’re out in the field and you’re able to keep notes organised and protected. You can’t always rely on the weather when conducting field work. With this in mind, we’d always recommend choosing a waterproof field notebook . Here are 5 reasons to choose the Rite In The Rain (RITR) Field Book as your next archaeology field notebook. 

100% Waterproof 

As we touched on a second ago, you can’t always rely on the weather when conducting outdoor work. That’s why it’s important to choose a waterproof field notebook that you can use in any environment. Designed to be durable whatever the weather, every page of Rite In The Rain’s field book is finished with a water based coating to ensure pages won’t tear, smudge or disintegrate in the face of water., mud or sweat. They’ll even stay intact if fully submerged in water. The pages are easy to write on even when it’s pouring down with rain, and this is even easier if used in conjunction with a waterproof pen or pencil

close up of lined pages inside waterproof field book


There’s no doubt that your work is likely to take you to a whole range of different places. With this in mind, it’s essential that your archaeology field notebook is tough enough for the job. The waterproof quality of the pages in RITR notebooks is complemented by a durable Fabrikoid cover. Fabrikoid is a very strong material that mimics the aesthetics of leather. Designed by DuPont, the Fabrikoid cover provides a high level of protection. This can be enhanced by using a waterproof notebook cover that provides an organised space for storing pens and other essentials alongside your notebook. 


All pages of this archaeology field notebook are printed with a universal page pattern and faint grid lines that make it easy to make a variety of notes and observations, ensuring you can keep notes organised so that they’re easy to refer back to at a later date. The pages are slightly tinted in a light grey colour that creates a visually pleasing and professional look.  


Whilst this RITR notebook makes a great archaeology field notebook, it’s also relied upon by a whole other range of professionals, such as agricultural workers, geologists or activities instructors. It’s also relied upon for a wide range of leisure activities, such as hiking or orienteering. A convenient size (4.75" x 7.5" x .625") ensures this waterproof field notebook is easy to pack alongside other kit. In addition to this, useful references including imperial and metric rulers, a conversion table and map scale, are practical for a range of different outdoor work. 

close up of reference page inside waterproof field book

For more guidance on finding the perfect archaeology field notebook from Rite In The Rain, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.