Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar

Why Choose A Rite In The Rain Waterproof Calendar For 2023?

Durable & versatile, a Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar will help you stay organised in any environment. Find out the main benefits in this guide. 

Looking for the perfect calendar for 2023? Choosing a waterproof calendar, rather than a calendar made from regular paper, will provide you with many benefits. Offering great organisation, versatility and reliability, these are just a few of the main reasons to choose Rite In The Rain’s waterproof calendar for 2023. 

Use In Any Environment

One of the main benefits of choosing a waterproof calendar is that you can use it in any outdoor or indoor environment. A water based coating makes the pages of this calendar 100% waterproof, meaning they will not tear, smudge or disintegrate when soaked in rain - even if fully submerged in water, the pages will remain intact. The water-resistant properties of the pages are supported by a durable Polydura cover. These qualities make a waterproof calendar perfect for those who work outdoors or in the military. 

Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar on an outdoor background

Stay Organised 

The design and layout of Rite In The Rain’s waterproof calendar is designed for ease of use, helping you to stay organised day to day, all year round. The calendar is organised into 12 monthly tabs with 2 pages of notes per month - this provides plenty of space for writing to-do-lists, plans and general notes. 5" X 7" in size, the waterproof calendar is easy to transport around with you, making it perfect for day-to-day errands and travelling.  

close up on monthly tab pages on Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar

Plan For The Future

Another really useful benefit of the waterproof calendar from Rite In The Rain is the 4 year overview and 4 year future planner. This means that alongside helping you stay organised day to day, the calendar also helps you to plan ahead for the future, noting important dates and making helpful notes for future plans. 

Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar open to show page content

Make An Eco-Friendly Choice

One of the things that makes Rite In The Rain’s waterproof paper calendar so unique is the processes used to make the product. Rite In The Rain are committed to ensuring the processes that they use to make their waterproof paper products are sustainable, and have as little an impact on the environment as possible. The paper stock is sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council-certified suppliers.  The paper is then treated with a water-based coating, the only byproduct of which is steam, and any printing that needs to be done is carried out using soy-based inks. The polydura cover, when separated from its pages, can be recycled alongside other common household plastics. This provides an eco-friendly alternative to other waterproof paper manufacturers who tend to use synthetic or plastic coatings. 

close up of spiral binding on Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar

For more information on ordering a Rite In The Rain waterproof calendar from Any Weather Paper, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.