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Find The Perfect Diving Notebook With Any Weather Paper

A diving notebook enhances communication underwater whilst allowing you to make useful notes. Find out why a Rite In The Rain waterproof notebook is ideal.
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Communicating when you’re underwater is naturally difficult - to put it simply, you can’t speak underwater! That’s why having the ability to write notes when you’re diving can be so beneficial. A diving notebook is useful for a range of professionals who scuba dive as part of their jobs, such as archeologists, marine scientists or underwater photographers. 

The benefits of using a scuba diving notebook are clear, but how do you find the right notebook for the job that you can rely upon in all dive conditions? Let's take a closer look at how a Rite In The Rain (RITR) waterproof notebook from Any Weather Paper can do just that. 

Why Choose A Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebook?

100% Waterproof 

It might seem obvious, however it’s essential that your diving notebook is 100% waterproof and not just water-resistant. All pages found in a RITR waterproof notebook, including the cover, are fully waterproof. The pages are coated with a unique water-based coating that prevents tearing, disintegrating or smudging when exposed to water, without damaging the environment. 

close up of waterproof pages with water droplets on

Easy To Write On

A RITR waterproof notebook is easy to write on neatly without smudging. Pairing your waterproof diving notebook with a waterproof pen or pencil enhances the ability to write underwater with ease. RITR pens feature a pressurised ink cartridge that writes upside down through water, whilst the waterproof mechanical pencils feature a thick led encased in a durable barrel to withstand any environment, including under the sea!

close up of waterproof notebook page with waterproof pen placed on top

Versatile Choice Of Designs

It’s important that your diving notebook fits your individual requirements perfectly, and luckily there are plenty of different RITR designs to choose from at Any Weather Paper. The Pocket Waterproof Notebook can be a really practical choice for divers due to its compact design which makes it easy to transport - It still features the same lined pages as other notebooks, just in a more  convenient size. Another practical choice is the All Weather Mini Universal Notebook

waterproof notebook in 3 different colours on a grey background


With increasing concerns about global warming, it’s more important than ever to protect the oceans that we dive in. One major benefit of choosing RITR for your diving notebook is that they make a conscious effort to make their production processes as sustainable as possible. Many manufacturers of waterproof paper use synthetic coatings to make their paper waterproof, which can’t be recycled. On the contrary, RITR use a chemical free water-based coating, the only byproduct of which is steam, alongside durable yet recyclable covers. Any printing that needs to be done is carried out using soy-based inks. The paper itself is sustainably sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council-certified suppliers. 

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For more guidance on choosing your perfect scuba diving notebook, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.