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5 Benefits Of Keeping a Gardening Notebook & Where To Find One

Keeping a gardening notebook is a really useful way to become a better gardener. Find out the benefits & where to find the right notebook for the job.

A gardening notebook is a place where you can record useful and interesting information about your garden. From recording your watering scheduling to planning planting for the future, keeping a gardening notebook plays a big role in making you a better gardener, whilst appreciating your outdoor space more in the process. These are just a few of the top benefits of keeping a gardening notebook:

Keep Track Of What You’ve Planted & When 

If you’re a keen gardener then it’s easy to forget what you’ve planted and when. Making a quick note of this in a gardening notebook will enable you to plan for the future, working out the kind of new plants you can introduce, and where is the best position to place them. It will also ensure you don’t accidentally pull up any new plantlings when you’re doing your weeding. 

Record Pests Or Diseases That Affect Your Garden 

One of the biggest threats to a beautiful garden are pests and diseases that can eat away at your favourite plants and cause a good deal of damage if left to escalate. Making a note of what’s eating your veggies, or infecting your flowerbeds will enable you to put measures in place to control it and prevent it from becoming a problem again in the future. 

Note The Impact Of Weather Conditions

It goes without saying that the weather conditions can make or break your outdoor space. In fact, we plant everything based around the seasons and the weather that they bring. By using a gardening notebook, you can document the conditions in which certain plants did the best, and the conditions in which they struggled. For example, how did the heat affect certain plants? Was frost an issue? Knowing these details will help you to better weatherproof your garden space. 

Keep Track Of Watering & Fertilisers Used 

Keeping track of when you water your plants and how much water you give them will enable you to ensure you’re providing the optimum care and conditions for them to thrive. This will help you to prevent overwatering or underwatering. The same goes for tracking the fertilisers you’re using. Noting the type of fertiliser that you’re using, how much of it you’re using and the success or failure of it, will help you to invest in more suitable products in the future. 

Record Your Successes & Failures 

Ultimately a gardening notebook enables you to record your successes and failures in order to learn what worked well and what didn’t work so well. This provides you with invaluable information when you want to add to your garden or replant, by giving you an accurate idea of the best techniques to use. Using a gardening notebook will enable you to improve your outdoor space year on year. 

Why Choose A Rite In The Rain Notebook For Your Gardening Notebook?

It goes without saying that you’ll need to be able to use your gardening notebook outdoors. That’s why a Rite In The Rain waterproof notebook is such an ideal choice. Complete with 100% waterproof pages that are also resistant to the likes of soil, oil and sweat, a Rite In The Rain notebook provides the durability that you need to rely on for outdoor use in winter or summer. 

There are many different notebooks to choose from to use as your gardening notebook, based on the size, colour and binding that you’d prefer. The waterproof pocket notebook is perfect if you’re looking for a compact notepad that you can keep on your person. If you’d like a little more space to spread out your notes the all-weather universal notebook is perfect. This also comes with a useful ruler and conversion table. 

two waterproof pocket notebooks placed on a mossy tree trunk with one open to show lined page layout

For more guidance on finding the perfect gardening notebook, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.