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Top 8 Waterproof Stationery Accessories From AWP

Complete your stationery collection with these top 8 practical stationery accessories that are waterproof, durable and reliable in all outdoor conditions.
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Complete your stationery collection with Any Weather Paper. From ring binders to notebook covers, we’ve got a range of practical stationery accessories to suit any outdoor activity. The best part? All our stationery accessories are fully waterproof and durable against the likes of dirt and grime, making them functional in the harshest of outdoor environments. So, whether you’re looking for stationery for military training or for outdoor leisure activities, take a look at the following stationery accessories to ensure you have everything that you need.

Waterproof Field Ring Binder

Keep loose papers or your TAMS secure, organised and protected from the elements with a Rite In The Rain Fied Ring Binder. Made from tough Polydura and rust-proof metal, you can be confident that this Waterproof Ring Binder will keep your notes dry and easy to access when you’re outdoor. Available in olive green or tan, this Tactical Field Binder contains a useful reference chart on the inside cover and is one of the most practical stationery accessories for military, exercise, courses and other expeditions. 

RITR Multicam Cordura Ring Binder Cover

Enhance the protection of your RITR Field Ring Binder with a Cordura Ring Binder Cover. Designed to fit the ½” Field Ring Binder exactly, this Ring Binder Cover is made from durable Cordura fabric that’s known for its resilience against tears, punctures and abrasions. This provides additional protection for the loose papers inside, whilst the addition of four pen pouches and a large pocket provides extra storage that’s packed away discreetly within the cover. 

RITR Multicam Cordura Pocket Notebook Cover

RITR Pocket Notebooks are incredibly tough on their own, however enclosing them in a Cordura Notebook Cover only enhances protection, whilst also providing discreet, practical storage space for waterproof pens/pencils and other stationery accessories. The Pocket Waterproof Notebook Covers are made by Tactical Tailor, an American company established and run by military veterans.The multicam camouflage pattern provides discretion, and the cover is available for a 3”x 5” or 4”x 6” Pocket Notebook.

​Ortlieb Waterproof Map Case 

Another one of the most practical stationery accessories from the AWP range is the Ortlieb Waterproof Map Case. This transparent case keeps your maps protected from moisture, mud and dirt, whilst allowing you to read the map at all times from both sides. The map case can be worn around your neck, stuffed in a side trouser pocket or attached to your rucksack and is one of the best stationery accessories for service personnel and hikers, as well as search & rescue teams.

Nyrex Folder

Nyrex Folders are one of our most popular stationery accessories for preventing papers from getting wet, torn or lost. Available in A6 format, A5 (30 or 40 pages) or A4 (30 pages), a Nyrex Folder enables you to keep documents separate from each other and protected from the rain, making them ideal for NCO’s, CP commanders and many more. Made from PVC that is durable yet flexible, the Nyrex Folder fits easily into a nav bag, daysac or bergen for easy storage.

Zipped Multicam Nyrex Cover

Add an extra layer of protection to your Nyrex folder with a Zipped Multicam Cover that’s made from tough, durable multicam camo that will keep all contents dry and safe from the elements. There’s plenty of space for storing pens and pencils alongside the notes in your Nyrex Folder, allowing you to keep stationery organised. At AWP, we have Nyrex Covers to be used in conjunction with A4, A5 or A6 Nyrex Folders. 

​RITR Multicam Cordura Bound Book Cover

Designed using damage-resistant multicam Cordura fabric, this Bound Book Cover is suitable for use with a range of RITR products including 4 5/8" x 7" Side Spiral notebooks, Pocket Notebooks and Fabrikoid Bound Notebooks. Perfect for keeping essential outdoor stationery accessories organised and dry, a secure zip fastening adds an extra level of protection and security. 

Ortlieb Waterproof Document Bag

Keep important documents such as maps, safe, dry and easily accessible with an Ortlieb Waterproof Bag. Not only does the bag keep documents waterproof and protected from dirt, it is also crease-resistant for keeping essential pages in high quality condition. You can carry the document bag around your neck, in your daysac, smock or trouser pocket to refer to key notes quickly and easily. Available for carrying A3, A4, A5 or A6 pages, this is one of the most useful stationery accessories for outdoor expeditions. 

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