close up of person writing on waterproof pocket notebook

Is Waterproof Paper Easy To Write On?

It's practical, durable and versatile for a range of indoor and outdoor activities, but is waterproof paper easy to write on? Find out here.

With waterproof paper you can record key notes and observations, whatever the conditions, whatever the weather. You can even write underwater if you need to. However, one of the questions we get asked regularly is whether or not waterproof paper is easy to write on? Surely you can’t write through water without it being a challenge? The truth is, it really is just as easy to write on waterproof paper as it is on any standard paper. Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s start by taking a look at what makes Rite In The Rain Paper waterproof.

What Is Waterproof Paper Made Of?

Rite In the Rain prioritises making their waterproof paper using eco-friendly products and processes. That’s why they use a water-based coating that protects the paper from water, mud, oil and dirt, whilst also ensuring that the paper is fully recyclable, just like any standard paper. The coating is smooth and finished to a high standard, ensuring it is easy to write on. 

Our waterproof paper can of course be written on in the rain - that’s it’s job after all. That being said, some inks will run if they get wet, which is why we always recommend using waterproof pens and pencils for writing in waterproof notebooks. Let’s find out more. 

What Should I Write With? 

​In order to maximise the properties of waterproof paper, we’d always recommend using waterproof pens and pencils to write with. This will make writing a lot easier, and prevent any potential for the ink to run or smudge.

Waterproof pens are made using thick, dark lead that marks waterproof paper clearly, and feature durable barrels that ensure reliability in all conditions. With a waterproof pen it’s easy to make clear notes that won’t smudge, allowing you to refer to them at a later point.  You can rely on them to write in temperatures as low as -30F or as high as 250F, and you can even write upside down!

Waterproof pencils feature the same high performance properties, just with lead rather than ink of course. Thick, black graphite lead creates smooth, bold markings allowing you to make important notes neatly and effectively. RITR’s Mechanical Pencils benefit from a strong resin barrel that is comfortable to hold and extremely durable. 

So, going back to the question of “is waterproof paper easy to write on”, the answer is a clear yes. Waterproof paper is just as easy to record crucial notes on as any other standard paper - it’s just a whole lot more durable and effective in outdoor environments. Waterproof paper is always easy to write on, however for maximum ease you should choose a waterproof pen or pencil to support its performance. 

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