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What Is The Best Military Notebook For You?

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Military service demands a lot from serving personnel, with the best equipment required to tackle the physical and mental challenges that await. Training will always reinforce the importance of the right footwear, equipment, clothing and weaponry, but it’s also important that military personnel consider the extra and often less noticeable bits of kit that can offer a competitive advantage. One example of this is a military notebook which ensures that you can make notes quickly and clearly in a wide range of important scenarios. 

Here at Any Weather Paper, we’re proud to offer a complete range of Rite in the Rain waterproof notebooks suitable for use as your all-important military notebook. With complete resistance to water, oil and sweat, these high-quality notebooks are practical for military use for a number of reasons and should be your first port of call as you upgrade your kit. 

To help you prepare for your next challenge appropriately, we have summarised a range of scenarios in which you would benefit from a reliable military notebook. For each, we have carefully selected the best waterproof notebook to pick from our high-quality range. 

Best For… Training & Exercise

When you’re learning crucial skills or on the ground preparing for real-time exercise scenarios, the ability to make effective notes can be crucial in both your development and success. For this, go for the Rite in the Rain Tactical Memo Book. This waterproof notebook is designed specifically for military use and features 120 pages of lined waterproof paper perfect for jotting down important information on the go and coordinating instructions and timings. It’s also suitable for keeping to hand at all times or for slipping into your smock pocket when on the move as it measures up at a practical 3.5” x 6.875” x .5”.

olive green tactical memo book

Best For… Organisation

Life in the military is busy and there are all kinds of important dates, orders information and events that you will need to keep track of. Many personnel will choose to use their everyday notebook for this but your best option is undoubtedly the Rite in the Rain Spiral Calendar. Just like the Tactical Memo Book, it features entirely waterproof paper to give you complete peace of mind that your important days will stay recorded and intact come rain or shine. Each section also features some standard notes pages alongside printed calendar pages so you’ll also benefit from plenty of space to jot down plans and lists alongside your important dates. Plus, with an additional 4-year future planner, you’ll always feel in control of your busy schedule.

rite in the rain calendar

Best For… Travel

If you’re heading off on deployment or frequently moving between locations while serving, it’s our most travel-proof notebook that you need! The Rite in the Rain Waterproof Pocket Notebook is designed to be totally lightweight and portable, with a durable Polydura cover and a clever, pocket-sized design. The pages will not rip and tear - even when wet or muddy - and the placement of the top wire-o spiral ensures that you can flip through your notes with ease when on the go. Every aspect of this waterproof notebook has been designed to be as effective as possible on the go, making it undoubtedly the very best military notebook for travel. 

pocket notebook

Best For… Versatility

And if you don’t know where you’re going to end up or where your service might take you, you need a military notebook that can perform in any situation. That’s where a Cordura notebook cover comes in. Whatever shape or size notebook you have, you can make it a multifunctional military notebook with one of these durable covers. The nylon-based material is known for its natural resistance to wear and tear and is therefore a great way to keep your notes protected in all situations. These versatile covers also offer space to store your pens and pencils, giving you certainty that, wherever you find yourself, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to go!

camo cordura notebook cover