reference page on waterproof geological field book

What Makes A Good Field Notebook? Top 5 Key Features

The best field notebook should be reliable in all outdoor conditions, whatever the weather. Look out for these key features when choosing your next field book.

field notebook is an absolute essential for anyone who works or studies outside. All budding outdoor professionals and researchers will know the importance of being able to take accurate, reliable notes in a range of environments, whatever the weather. That’s why it’s crucial to find a field notebook that can be relied upon. There are 5 key features to look for in a high performance field notebook. These include:


When you’re working outdoors, you can’t always rely on the weather (particularly in the UK!). It’s crucial that you can continue to make notes in the rain without the paper tearing, or your notes smudging and becoming illegible. That’s why it’s so important to find a field notebook that is water-resistant. All Rite In The Rain notebooks are made using waterproof pages that are also resistant to the likes of mud, oil and sweat. That’s why they are such a reliable choice of field notebook for anyone working in challenging outdoor environments. 


​Another key feature to look for in a field notebook is organisation. Whilst recording crucial data and observations, it’s important that your notes will be clear to look back on at a later point. Our Geological Bound Book has clearly defined sections for sketching and note taking with allocated spaces to record essential information such as date, time, weather and location. This ensures you can keep all data and observations organised in one space.

Durability & Sustainability

We all know the importance of respecting the natural environment, particularly if you’re working outdoors everyday. A field notebook that is durable is also a sustainable option as it will provide a greater period of use without needing to be replaced. However that’s not the only reason that Rite In The Rain notebooks are a sustainable choice. The all-weather paper is sustainably sourced from forestry stewardship council certified suppliers and coated with polymeric materials that can be recycled along with the paper. Our Geological Bound Book is made from fabrikoid which is an organic material that is fully recyclable, whilst our Waterproof Field Book is made from polydura that can be recycled by removing the polyethylene from its pages.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a field notebook is size. When you’re out in the field for a day of outdoor research, you’re likely to have lots of important gear and equipment to take with you. That’s why you need a field notebook that is compact and easy to pack alongside all of  your other gear. Our All-Weather Field Book is 11.75cm x 18.4cm in size, whilst our Geological Bound Book is 4.6" x 7.5" in size, making them the ideal fit for a daypack.

Data & References

Knowing the importance of making key reference points when collecting data, we’ve included 20 reference pages in our Geological Bound Book including map symbols, grain size scales, soil classification and measurement conversions. There is also a photo scale and ruler for taking essential measurements and observations. These are particularly important features for anyone conducting geological research. 

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