group of Ten Tors participants walking on the moors

AWP’s Essential Ten Tors Kit Recommendations For 2022

Ten Tors is an ambitious but rewarding challenge, and so it's essential to have high quality kit you can rely on. Read our top picks for this year's event.

Ten Tors is a popular challenge for young people that takes place on Dartmoor annually (this year on 6-8 May). Working in teams, participants are challenged with navigating routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (depending on age) across Dartmoor. Why is it called ‘Ten Tors’? This is because the teams are required to visit ten nominated tors/checkpoints across the two day period. 

It’s an incredibly ambitious but rewarding challenge for young people to take on, and one that requires a lot of training in advance. So, as you can imagine, it’s essential to have all the right gear for taking on Ten Tors. Participants will be issued with an official kit list stating all mandatory pieces of clothing and equipment that they’re required to take, including rations, first aid kit and other safety equipment. Below are our recommendations for some items of equipment to include in your Ten Tors kit.

Walking Boots

A high quality pair of walking boots is one of the most important pieces of kit for Ten Tors. When walking for 35, 45, or 55 miles over challenging terrain, it’s essential that feet are supported, protected and comfortable. As they are renowned for their durability and performance in outdoor conditions, we’d recommend LOWA boots. The LOWA Gore-Tex Mountain Boot is fitted with a Vibram sole that provides exceptional grip and features a Gore-Tex lining to protect against the weather. The LOWA Renegade II is another good choice.This boot has a joint-stabilising feature for enhanced ankle support.

LOWE Alpine Escape Trek Backpack

Another essential piece of Ten Tors kit is of course a backpack. A backpack that has a minimum 65L capacity and has the necessary supportive features to ensure comfort throughout the challenge. The LOWE Alpine Escape Trek Backpack is a really reliable choice for the Dartmoor Ten Tors challenge. It’s 70L in capacity when the extendable lid is used, and features an adjustable back length with Air Contour for a comfortable and breathable fit. It also has an integrated rain cover for adding an extra layer of protection from the elements in case of bad weather during the event.

Waterproof Notebook & Pen

Throughout Ten Tors training, and on the event itself, it’s important that participants can make notes to help with navigation etc. That’s why it’s essential to carry a notebook and pen. The best option for Ten Tors is a waterproof notebook and pen to ensure that team members can continue to write and keep their notes in good condition, whatever the weather. A Rite In The Rain Notebook is made using durable waterproof pages that are resistant to mud and oil and is available in a pocket size that’s perfect for fitting in a backpack for this Dartmoor challenge. Using a waterproof pen alongside this will ensure that clear notes can be made with ease, even if it’s tipping it down with rain.                                     

waterproof notebook open with mud on pages and waterproof pen placed on top

Lifesystems Intensity 280 LED Head Torch

A head torch is a crucial piece of safety equipment for Ten Tors. A good quality head torch is essential for being able to see clearly in reduced visibility and for setting up/ packing up camp. We’d recommend the 280 LED Head Torch from Lifesystems for this. It’s got a battery life of 11 hours making it reliable for overnight training and the event itself. It’s also got a water-resistant head strap to ensure it is reliable in all weather conditions. 

Ortlieb Waterproof Map Case

A key part of the Ten Tors challenge is navigation. It’s not on the essential Ten Tors kit list, but a waterproof map case will make life a whole lot easier. The Ortlieb Map Case offers waterproof protection for maps and is transparent on both sides so that all aspects of the map can be read, without needing to take it out of the case. It also features a carry strap so that you can hang the map around your neck for easy access. This is a really useful piece of kit for saving time and hassle when tired and faced with challenging weather conditions.                                                        

ortlieb map case with map inside and two marker pens placed on a larger map background

These are just a few of our top kit recommendations to include in your kit list for Ten Tors 2022. Remember to follow the official kit list that you’re issued to ensure that you don’t miss anything.