RITR tactical memo book placed on a wooden background with water droplets on the cover

Who Are Rite In The Rain & What Do They Do?

Rite in the Rain offers a wide range of waterproof notebooks, paper, pens and pencils specifically designed for use in even the harshest conditions.

Rite In The Rain was established in 1916 after the founder, Jerry Darling, discovered a need for durable writing materials that could survive even the harshest conditions. From simple beginnings of hand-dipping paper at home, the company has now flourished into a patented coating process that now includes a wide range of products for those who battle the elements.

There is not a scenario around that the Rite In The Rain products can’t handle. From agricultural tasks to sporting adventures, tactical missions or underwater expeditions, there is a product available that will keep your notes and documents safe from anything Mother Nature throws at you. It doesn’t just protect against natural elements either, but can withstand oil, mud and sweat too. As Rite In The Rain products are designed for enthusiasts and professionals who work with nature, it only makes sense that the manufacturing process has been designed to have an ultra-low impact on the environment. Not only that, but it is as easy to recycle as standard office paper.

Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notebooks

Whether you are taking part in extreme outdoor sports or engaging in a tactical mission, you can be sure that your important notes, maps and coordinates will remain intact thanks to the wide range of Rite In The Rain waterproof notebooks. Available in a range of sizes, colours and styles, these notebooks protect from elements such as rain, mud, oil and sweat. In fact, they are even suitable for use underwater, so there is no situation that a Rite In The Rain waterproof notebook can’t handle. There are even ranges available for specific needs, such as fishing journals, tactical memo books and birder’s journals.

Rite In The Rain Waterproof Paper

If you need to take important documents out into the wilderness, then Rite In The Rain waterproof paper is the best option for protecting them against extreme conditions and accidents. Not only are there options available for printing and copying, but they still give you the ability to write on during wet conditions, or even underwater. Choose from different colours to suit your needs, such as green and tan for military operations, or standard white for outdoor events and activities. The paper has been designed for use in most laser and ink-jet printers so no specialist equipment is required.

Rite In The Rain Pens & Pencils

With the correct materials to write on, it only makes sense that you have the correct items to write with. Rite In The Rain pens and pencils offer exactly that. With items ranging from mechanical pencils to permanent marker pens, there is a pen or pencil for every eventuality. If you need to need to amend or updates notes frequently, then the Rite In The Rain mechanical pencil allows you to write or erase in any conditions, whilst designed to be durable and comfortable to hold. If you need a bolder or more permanent solution, then the range of Rite In The Rain clicker pens, bullet pens and permanent markers will cover any scenario. Every pen has been designed to withstand the harshest conditions and the most challenging of tasks, so if you need to write upside down and underwater, Rite In The Rain has you covered.