Rite In The Rain Expedition Journal on a white background

5 Reasons The Rite In The Rain Expedition Journal Is Relied Upon By Mountaineers Everywhere

Made in conjunction with famous alpinist Conrad Anker, the Rite In The Rain expedition journal is relied upon by mountaineers across the globe. Here's why.
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When you’re embarking on an expedition, it’s crucial that you can take vital notes, regardless of the weather conditions you’re facing. The Rite In The Rain waterproof expedition journal enables you to do this. These are just a few of the reasons, this specialist waterproof notebook is relied upon by mountaineers across the globe:

Made In Conjunction With World Famous Alpinist, Conrad Anker

The expedition journal has been made in conjunction with friend of Rite In The Rain, Conrad Anker. Anker is a world famous mountaineer who is known for his bold ascents across the globe, including notable National Geographic expeditions. This collaboration ensures the journal is practical for challenging ascents in severe climates and environments, and for the most experienced mountaineers. 

100% Water, Weather & Mud-Resistant

Like all other waterproof notebooks from Rite In The Rain, every page that makes up the expedition journal is 100% waterproof thanks to the water-based coating. This is enhanced by a waterproof field-flex cover, bound together by rust-resistant staples. This durable journal is not only waterproof, it’s also resistant to the likes of mud, oil and sweat. This ensures that it can withstand any challenging outdoor conditions that you may come across on your route, so that you can bring your next trip’s data safely home with you.

close up of  Rite In The Rain Expedition Journal on an icy background

Packed With Crucial Information

Every detail of the expedition journal has been designed with the specific needs of mountaineers in mind. That’s why it’s packed full of crucial information including climbing tables, emergency procedures and a weather log. In addition to this, there are imperial and metric rulers, as well as a photoscale. This ensures you can refer to essential information quickly and easily when required. 

close up of reference pages from Rite In The Rain Expedition Journal

Easy To Pack

When embarking on any kind of outdoor expedition, there are vital pieces of kit that you’ll need to bring with you, and so it’s always useful to save space where you can. With this in mind, the compact design of the expedition journal ensures it is easy to pack amongst your other kit or store in a pocket. The field-flex cover is durable yet flexible which makes it easy to bend and pack. 

Plenty Of Room To Organise Important Notes

The expedition journal contains 48 waterproof pages that are lined with a universal page pattern for writing notes easily and in an organised manner. The remaining pages are blank so that you can use them as sketch pages. This ensures that you can record different types of data, and keep it organised and therefore easy to refer back to at a later point. 

In order to maximise the properties of the expedition journal, we’d recommend using a waterproof pen. Rite In The Rain’s waterproof pens feature a pressurised ink cartridge that performs in hot climates (up to 120 degrees Celsius), or extremely cold climates (as low as -35 degrees Celsius). The pen can write through water, grease, sweat and mud without difficulty, and can even write underwater. In other words, it’s most definitely expedition-ready!