close up of person writing in a waterproof notebook on a wooden table

Which Rite In The Rain Notebook Is Best For Me?

You can rely on any Rite In The Rain notebook to be 100% waterproof & resistant to mud, oil & sweat. The real question is which is the best fit for you?

Rite In The Rain was founded upon a desire to produce durable writing materials that could stand up to severe weather conditions. From humble beginnings of hand-dipping paper at home, the company has developed a patented coating process that includes a diverse range of waterproof writing materials. 

Amongst these are Rite In The Rain’s renowned waterproof notebooks. 100% waterproof, the pages are treated with a unique durable water-based coating and finished with a hardwearing Polydura, Field-Flex or Fabrikoid cover. This is what ensures a Rite In The Rain notebook can be relied upon in any weather conditions, as well as being resistant to mud, oil and sweat. Every Rite In The Rain waterproof notebook can be relied upon in the most challenging conditions, so the real question is, which one do I choose? Let’s answer this question by looking at the choices available, and the characteristics of each.

Spiral Notebooks

One of the most versatile Rite In The Rain notebooks, the Universal Notebook features 84 spiral bound sheets, all printed with a universal page pattern. The binding is made from  a rust-resistant wire-o spiral, whilst the cover is made from damage-resistant Polydura, available in a choice of 4 colours - tan, black, olive green or yellow. Its durability makes it popular among outdoor enthusiasts, however its versatility makes it great for indoor use as well, such as for teaching or sports coaching. A useful reference page on the inside contains imperial & metric rulers, a conversion table and a map scale. The Side Spiral Notebook is a slightly smaller alternative, each page of which is fitted with a grid of evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines.

All Weather Universal Notebook in yellow on a white background

Stapled Notebooks

If you’d prefer to use a stapled notebook rather than one that’s spiral bound, the Stapled Universal Waterproof Notebook is available in a choice of yellow or black, either of which comes in a pack of 3. The 48 waterproof pages of each notebook are encased with a Field-Flex cover and held together by side-staple binding, whilst the pages are numbered with a table of contents to help you remain organised. Imperial and metric rulers are included, making these notebooks useful for a number of professions, whether you work indoors or outdoors. 

close up of spine of stapled notebook stacked up in a pack of three

Pocket & Mini Notebooks

Available in a choice of 4" x 6" or 3" x 5", the Tactical Pocket Rite In The Rain Notebook is a lightweight choice for those on the move. Small enough to fit into a smock pocket, this is a reliable choice for military personnel, as well as those taking part in expeditions like D of E and Ten Tors. Easy to carry with you for use in any environment, and in any weather conditions, the Rite In The Rain Pocket Notebook benefits from spiral binding at the top of the pad that makes it easy to flick through pages quickly.  If you’d prefer a stapled notebook with the same compact size then the All-Weather Universal Mini Notebook is a great alternative. This benefits from a durable yet flexible Field-Flex cover that is easy to store in bags with limited space. The book contains 24 lined waterproof pages, held together by rust-resistant staples.

waterproof pocket notebook open with tide time notes on it placed on a bark background

Calendar Notebook

A calendar that you can take anywhere outdoors with you, the Rite In The Rain Notebook Calendar is essential for helping you keep organised, either personally or professionally. Featuring an easy-to-use layout, this waterproof calendar features generic 12 monthly tabs (including 2 pages for notes per month), a 4 year overview, and a 4 year future planner. The calendar is finished with a tan Polydura cover to enhance the waterproof properties of the pages inside.

waterproof calendar notebook laid open on the grass

Field Book/ Geological Bound Book

Is field work a crucial part of your job? In this case the Field Book will be the most suitable choice for you, or the Geological Bound Book, if you are a budding geologist specifically. The damage-resistant pages of the waterproof field book are supported by sewn bindings and a Fabrikoid cover which is designed to imitate the aesthetic qualities of leather, without compromising the level of protection provided. The Geological Bound Book benefits from the same durability and waterproofing qualities, but with a geological pattern printed on the numbered pages, and twenty field geology reference pages. This includes geological map symbols, grain size scales, soil classification and measurement conversions, as well as a photo scale and ruler.

Geological field book with measurement page

Sports & Nature Books

If you’re a fan of fishing, bird watching or mountaineering then there is a Rite In The Rain notebook that’s been designed specifically for you. The Birder’s Journal contains helpful reference information for identifying different bird species, as well as allocated pages for sketching and taking notes. For fishermen, the waterproof Fishing Journal or Fly Fishing Journal enables you to record crucial details about your fishing trips, such as weather, time of day and water type in order to enhance your expertise. 

Birder's journal on grass laid open on sketch page

Perhaps you’re a keen climber or mountaineer? Created in conjunction with world famous alpinist Conrad Anker, the Rite In The Rain Expedition Journal is packed full of climbing tables, emergency procedures, and plenty of room for notes. Lightweight yet durable, a Field- Flex cover ensures easy storage, making sure that you can collect key data on your next expedition. 

Expedition Journal placed on top of a map

So, which Rite In The Rain Notebook Is Best For You?

As you can see, there are plenty Rite In The Rain waterproof notebooks to choose from at Any Weather Paper. Ultimately, making the best choice for you depends on what you will be using the notebook for and the properties that you generally find more preferable. In order to decide, it helps to consider the following questions:

What will I be using the notebook for? Work, sports, a specialist hobby or general recreational use?

Do I have any special requirements? E.g  I need geological references, or bird watching references.

What size is most convenient? Does it need to fit in a coat pocket or can I choose a larger notebook?

Asking these questions should help you choose the best Rite In The Rain notebook for your requirements. However, if you require any further help deciding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.