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5 Sports Made Better With A Waterproof Notebook

When it comes to winning or losing, the right sports equipment makes all of the difference. Whether it’s the best clubs, the latest boots or lightweight clothing, everything we carry in our kit bags can give us an all-important competitive edge. It’s important to seek out new innovations if you want to stay ahead of the game. 

One unlikely yet game-changing addition to any sports enthusiast’s toolkit is a waterproof notebook. While not a standard piece of athletic gear, this durable and water-resistant stationery can significantly enhance many different sporting experiences. After all, so many of our favourite activities take place outdoors and we all know that with the outdoors can come rain, mud, and generally unfavourable conditions. Keeping track of your progress or score can be nothing short of a nightmare in these conditions, but a waterproof notebook helps you to focus on your performance secure in the knowledge that your records will stay intact.

We’d argue that these benefits will come in handy for almost every sport, but the following 5 activities are most definitely made much better with a waterproof notebook.


Though we all imagine the ideal round as one played in the glorious sunshine, the reality is that 18 holes can offer some pretty unpredictable conditions. Even in the summer, it’s likely there will be the odd shower to contend with and this can make it difficult to keep on top of the score and jot down any useful performance notes. However, keeping track of course insights and hole details couldn’t be easier when you’ve got a waterproof notebook. The Rite in The Rain mini notebook is a great choice for your golf notebook as it’s lightweight and can easily slot into your bag or back pocket when you’re moving between tees, all while keeping your scores and tips safe from the elements.


Whether training outdoors through the winter months or coaching from the sidelines on matchday, a waterproof notebook is a great addition to your football team. Rain, mud and sweat all have the potential to throw the gameplan into disarray, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you have the right equipment. 

Using a waterproof notebook is a great way for both football coaches and players to improve their performance on the pitch. Formations can be clearly mapped out on 100% waterproof and sweatproof paper without becoming ineligible. Football officials can benefit from a waterproof notebook, too. The Rite in The Rain spiral pocket notebook is the perfect referee’s companion, guaranteeing that your essential matchday notes stay intact over 90 minutes. You could also download a diagram of a football pitch and copy it onto Rite in the Rain A4 paper using a laser printer to use for training, formation notes, diary entries and tactical position changes.  

example of football pitch printed on waterproof paper

Scuba Diving

Communication is an essential aspect of scuba diving. Not only does the ability to communicate effectively improve your safety, but it also helps divers to fully enjoy the social part of the experience. However, communicating underwater is a little tricky. You can’t speak underwater and this means that written notes play an essential role in any diving experience. 

Waterproof notebooks are perfect for scuba diving. Of course, the waterproof paper keeps your notes intact when diving down deep, but it’s not just the paper that you need to be waterproof. The covers of waterproof notebooks are also treated with a unique water-based coating that prevents tearing and smudging to keep your notes in tip-top condition for when you’re back on sure and want to reflect on your amazing aquatic experience.


The beauty of fishing is that the experience is slightly different each time. You learn something new with each catch and keeping track of what worked (and what didn’t!) is the best way to develop as a keen angler. While you can use a normal notebook to do this, there’s a high chance that the pages might get ruined by water or rain. A waterproof notebook, on the other hand, will keep your catch details and tips in pristine condition. The Rite in The Rain fishing journal is the ultimate fishing companion, easy to carry and filled with handy information prompts printed on waterproof paper to guide you as you keep track of your catches. 


Efficient navigation is key when orienteering. To achieve this, you need a map that you can rely on and a foolproof way to take notes and plan your route. However, orienteering takes place no matter the weather and your navigation tools will quickly become ineligible in wet conditions. Not only is this inconvenient, it’s also dangerous.

Printing your map onto waterproof printer paper or making notes in a waterproof notebook is a much better alternative. You shouldn’t have any issues reading your map and staying on route when your notes are protected from mud and rain, guiding you to both safety and victory!

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