close of of all-weather Birder's Journal

6 Essential Pieces Of Bird Watching Kit For Nature Enthusiasts

From the best binoculars to the perfect birder's journal, these are the top 6 essential pieces of bird watching kit that you need for your favourite hobby.
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You don’t need a huge amount of equipment to enjoy bird watching. At the end of the day, this popular outdoors hobby is all about spending time outside in nature, observing the beautiful wildlife that’s on offer. That being said, it’s important to have the main essential items of kit for bird watching that will enable you to enjoy your hobby, whatever the weather. The must-have pieces of bird watching kit include:


Binoculars are an essential piece of bird watching kit for enabling you to get closer to the birds and to identify more species. When looking for the perfect binoculars for birding, you want to look for weight, durability and comfort. Compact binoculars are useful for transporting easily, however you can also find lightweight full size options that are just as practical. One of our top bird watching kit recommendations are the Viking Kestrel ED Binoculars that come with a rain guard, case and strap, and are also suitable for glasses wearers.

Bird Identification Book

Spotting new bird species is one thing, however being able to identify what they actually are is another thing. That’s why a bird identification book is a crucial piece of bird watching kit for any nature enthusiast. This will expand your knowledge of the different species that might exist in your area, whilst enabling you to look up anything you’re not sure of when you’re out in the field.  The RSPB Pocket Guide To British Birds or the Collins Bird Guide are both great options for this. 

Birder’s Journal

You want to be able to make a record of the species you’ve seen so that you can look them up later, and capture unique memories. That’s why a good Birder’s Journal is a must-have piece of bird watching kit. Rite In The Rain’s Birder’s Journal is made using waterproof paper, enabling you to note down key observations and sketches in all weathers. Aside from being waterproof and durable against the likes of mud and dirt, this birder’s journal features useful reference information and allocated sketch areas to accompany your written notes. Don’t forget to bring a waterproof pen or pencil with you to keep your notes clear and legible, even if it rains.

close up of sketches and notes written on pages of Rite In The Rain's Birder's JournalTwo copies of Rite In The Rain's Birder's Journal with one open and one closed showing the front cover

Walking Boots

This outdoors based hobby involves standing on your feet for extended periods of time and often walking through challenging terrain in order to find the perfect spot. That’s why another essential piece of bird watching kit is a good quality pair of walking boots that will keep your feet supported and comfortable. LOWA’s Gore-Tex Mountain Boots are a perfect fit for birding. They’re made using a Gore-Tex lining which makes them waterproof and breathable in wet conditions, whilst a specialist sole unit offers enhanced comfort when you’re on your feet for long periods. 

Brimmed Hat

A brimmed hat is a key piece of bird watching kit for keeping the sun out of your eyes and protecting your neck and face in hot weather, whilst helping to keep you warm in colder weather. When looking for the perfect hat for birding, you want to look for something with a wide brim in a neutral colour, as anything too bright or patterned could alert the birds. Something like the Mountain Warehouse Australian Wide Brim Hat is ideal as it is lightweight and features a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun.


You need somewhere to transport all this essential bird watching kit, plus something that allows you to bring all your favourite drinks and snacks along with you! That’s why it’s really important to choose a backpack that is comfortable, lightweight and enables you to keep everything organised. Waterproof backpacks are a great option for ensuring you can keep all your birding essentials dry and secure, whatever the weather throws at you.