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7 Essential Military Stationery Items From AWP

Durable & practical in all weather conditions, waterproof stationery is the best military stationery available. Find the essentials here.

If you’re a member of the military then you’ll know the importance of having durable stationery that you can rely upon to record your crucial notes in the field. That’s where waterproof stationery comes in. Designed for use in the toughest of outdoor environments, waterproof stationery not only enables you to write in any weather conditions, it’s also resistant to the likes of mud and oil. Equip yourself with all the military stationery you need by checking off the following list:

Tactical Memo Book

A waterproof notebook is an essential part of any soldier’s kit list. Designed to fit easily into your smock pocket, this Waterproof Tactical Memo Book is made using durable waterproof paper that will not tear, no matter where you are or what the weather is doing. Complete with a tough field flex cover and handy reference guide on the inside, this is one of the most essential military stationery items from the AWP collection. 

All-Weather Metal Clicker Pen

There’s no point having a waterproof notebook without a waterproof pen. Designed to support the all-weather functions of Rite In The Rain’s waterproof paper, the All-Weather Clicker Pen writes clearly on wet paper, without smudging - you can even write upside down if you need to! This waterproof pen is also temperature resistant, meaning you can rely on it in both hot and cold environments. 

Tactical Pocket Notebook

Another essential piece of military stationery that’s popular with military personnel worldwide is the RITR Pocket Waterproof Notebook. The perfect size for keeping to hand at all times, this tactical pocket notebook is resistant to the likes of water, mud and oil, making it a practical and essential military stationery item. The notebook features top wire o-spiral binding that enables you to flip through the pages quickly and easily when you’re in a hurry. 

Nyrex Folder

If your role requires you to carry crucial documents out in the field, if you’re an NCO or CP Commander for example, then a Nyrex Folder is an essential item of military stationery for you to carry. Available in A6, A5 or A4, nyrex folders allow you to keep loose pages separate and protected from getting wet, ruined or lost. Made from durable PVC, nyrex folders are also flexible meaning you can store them easily in your nav bag, daysac or bergen. 

Multicam Cordura Cover

RITR’s wide range of cordura covers are not only important military stationery items for enhancing the protection of waterproof paper products, they also provide useful storage. For example, the Cordura Multicam Nyrex Cover not only adds an extra layer of weatherproofing and damage-resistance, but provides practical and organised storage for pens, pencils and waterproof notebooks

Waterproof Loose Leaf Paper & Ring Binder

Another essential piece of military stationery for the likes of NCO’s and commanders is durable paper, and a ring binder to keep loose TAM’s sheets organised and safe. Durable and waterproof but easy to write on, RITR Universal Loose Leaf Paper is lined to help keep your notes neat, and fits specifically into the Field Ring Binder that’s made using rust-proof metals.

Ortlieb Waterproof Document Bag

Military stationery needs to be designed for use on the go. An Ortlieb Waterproof Document Bag is a transparent, waterproof case that keeps maps and documents protected, whilst allowing you to refer to them at all times. The Document Bag or Map Case can be worn around your neck and is transparent on both sides for easy reference. 

These certainly aren’t the only practical military stationery items that are available from AWP. For further guidance finding the best military stationery to suit your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.