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4 Reasons To Include A Waterproof Notebook In Your Duke of Edinburgh Kit List

Ensuring you can take crucial notes whatever the weather, a waterproof notebook is an extremely useful piece of Duke of Edinburgh kit. Find out why.
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Taking part in a Duke of Edinburgh expedition? No doubt, you’ll be wanting to find the best kit to ensure your expedition runs as smoothly as possible. Aside from the basic essentials listed in the kit list provided by your leader, like waterproofs, rucksack and sleeping gear, it’s important to consider any recommended items that will do a practical job of helping you out. One piece of Duke of Edinburgh kit that is incredibly useful for your expedition is a waterproof notebook. Let’s find out why.

Make Important Notes In Any Weather…

A Rite In The Rain notebook is 100% waterproof. This means that the pages will not tear or disintegrate when rained on, or even when fully submerged in water - you can even write underwater with them. They also ensure you can write easily and clearly when rain is pouring down on the pages. This is enhanced by using a waterproof pen. The ability to take notes is incredibly useful  when training for your expedition or during the event itself. Being able to record crucial details about the route and observations along the way can make a big difference to making the event a success. The fact that bad weather won’t disrupt this ability with a waterproof notebook is really important. 

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…And Through Mud & Mess

Camping during D of E certainly isn’t a luxury experience and so it’s essential to find Duke of Edinburgh kit that’s tough enough for the job. Regular paper notebooks are likely to tear or ruin easily when you’re on your expedition, due to rain and bad weather, or all of the mud, dirt and messes that you encounter along the way. This is where a waterproof notebook is a much more practical item of Duke of Edinburgh kit than regular, flimsy notebooks. Aside from being resistant to water, RITR waterproof notebooks are also resistant to the likes of mud, oil and sweat. This is why they're relied upon by people who work outdoors, such as in agriculture, and those who enjoy outdoor hobbies like hiking.

waterproof notebook placed on muddy ground with page open showing notes and a waterproof pen

Easy To Transport

One of the trickiest parts of organising your Duke of Edinburgh kit is making sure it isn’t too heavy and fits compactly into your backpack. With this in mind, you definitely don’t want additional items like a notebook and pen causing excess weight or hassle. That’s why the RITR waterproof pocket notebook is the ideal size. Available in 4" x 6" or 3" x 5", this small notebook can easily fit into the pocket of your bag or coat. You don’t need to worry about using up valuable internal storage space in order to keep it protected from the rain - it does that job all by itself!

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Lasts Longer Than Regular Notebooks

Buying Duke of Edinburgh kit can be expensive, and so it’s always useful to make cost-effective choices where you can. One of the major benefits of using waterproof notebooks for outdoor events like D of E and Ten Tors is that they will maintain their quality and reliability for use after use. Regular paper notebooks are likely to be ruined as soon as they get exposed to the rain, dropped in a puddle, or covered in dirt. This means you’ll need to keep investing in new ones. A waterproof notebook on the other hand will withstand the entire training period through to the event, making it a much more reliable choice of Duke of Edinburgh kit. The durable water-based coating that covers the pages ensures this, with the support of the tough Polydura cover. 

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